Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Last Stand (Throwing Shade)

Love them or Hate them we cannot deny that they have our attention!
As you all know Mob wives is due to return to our screens on January 13 for what is anticipated to be the final season of Mob Wives (The Last Stand).
The 4 original Girls are returning Drita Davanzo,Carla Facciolo,Renee Graziano,Karen Gravano along with Fan Favorite and much loved Angela Raiola
Season 6 is also introducing 2 newcomers Marissa Jade and Brittany Fogarty in what it anticipated to be the best and final season of Mob wives.

We will also see the return of Love Majewski who some of you may remember from season 3 as Carla Facciolo's long time Aggressor and Rival.
I'm unsure at this stage whether the appearance from Love is a guest or a reoccurring role in the season but I am almost certain it will be a little more thought out than her last appearance which ended as one of Reality TVs most Brutal fights to date and allegedly had Carla Facciolo seeking legal advise regarding her assault on the network.
I can however report that Love Majewski and Carla Facciolo seem to be on talking terms.

In 6 seasons of Mob wives Carla Facciolo has fallen out with every single cast member accept ONE.
If you took a wild guess and called out "Drita" then you are well on your way to the top of the class!

We all know that in the weeks leading up to the season Premiere the cast are very active with their social networking and promotion duties. We always anticipate their mysterious cliffhanger style tweets which prepare us for an always explosive season premiere.

This year we are seeing Carla Facciolo and her New found friends throwing Tons of Shade at former Mob wives Friend Drita Davanzo.
Carla's shift in loyalty was a predictable move.
We all know Carla isn't a fighter and doesn't tend to go well unless armed with a butter knife in conflicts so her Flopping to the "Team" with the most members was an inevitable move on her behalf.

From the tweets I have seen already I have a feeling that Drita is the number one target this season. 
I also have a feeling some of the girls are very much aware that the "Edits" are going in their favor and will do everything in their power to ensure Fan Favorite Drita Davanzo's Integrity is questioned while they portray her as a Villain..
I believe this season will be a true test of Loyalty, Especially where Drita's fans are concerned however I also believe that her fans and their intelligence are strongly underestimated.

I am interested to see where this season will begin!
what are your predictions for season 6?


  1. Drita would need her own personal blog to keep fans.

  2. I have & always be a "Drita" fan!!!! I would love to meet her in person.