Thursday, January 21, 2016

If Looks Could Kill

Through watching Mobwives this week I learned two things:
1. That Carla Facciolo's Air Time is VH1's way of compensating her for being assaulted by Love Majewski during filming back in season 3! 
Clever Move Carla!!

I imagine the terms of Carla's new contract would read something like this:
Dear Vh1, In addition to employing me (Again) I expect that you make me the focus of season 6 by forcing viewers to watch more than 5 minutes of me per episode.
In return, I will not continue to seek legal advice regarding that one time at Band Camp when Love Majewski gave me a pounding.
Kind Regards
Carla Mean Girl Facciolo.
I do have to say regarding Carla that this year she has come back with a really High Horse attitude.
Sadly and unpredictably she has become a Mean Girl and I liked her much better before when she had some class and dignity.
I cannot help but see her as a Sheep who wants to sit at the Cool Kids Table.
It's almost although she didn't just start hanging with the In Crowd but almost althought she wants to be the In Crowd!
Be careful Mobwives because Carla has come back with a Leader of the Pack mentality and she's coming for YOU!

The second thing I have learned this week is that Newcomer Marissa Jade was confused when attending auditions and was never told that Keeping Up With The Kardashians already had their Kim!
This should be interesting!

Being Drita's Mob I am going to stop wasting your time and get right into it!
Lets talk about the Karen/Drita argument scene.
I have to admit that after watching this particular scene I am hurting for Our Girl Drita and here is why:
After watching the last 2 Episodes I think it has become obvious that despite being a Reality Show there is a lot of interference by production in order to make it the show it is today.
I have been told by numerous Reality TV  Stars that there are times during filming where producers will rattle a few cages in order to create a reaction.
This is what I believe happened in this scene.
I may be wrong, Don't take my word for it but here is what I saw in this scene:
Looking at the way in which Drita responded and held herself during this conversation I believe Drita was expecting a different type of scene if you know what I mean.
As she stood there shaking her head in disbelief and somewhat betrayal I believe it wasn't until Drita arrived to film that she realized she was the last to know it was a "Fight Scene".
Drita's facial expression have always told her story and during this scene she could barley even look at Karen which told me she felt ambushed and cornered into a scene she had no idea was due to take place until that moment.
I perceived Drita to be genuinely shocked and really taken back by Karen's choice to play into Producers and give them what they asked for.
To be honast, I almost sensed that maybe Drita was somewhat hurt by this move.
I don't know much about the Lifestyle or The Girls personally but I would assume that they all have a mutual Understanding/Respect in place between one another defining topics and things that are strictly off limits.
As I said earlier, I may be very wrong and you probably shouldn't take my word for it but what I took away from this scene was that Karen crossed a line and it only took Drita a second to work it out.
I even caught her smile and shake her head like "What the actual F$CK" as she left the scene!
I am just a fan and this is just my opinion.

I am curious to know if anyone else saw what I saw during the scene?

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