Wednesday, February 11, 2015

#ReasonsWhy @vh1 should give @DritaDavanzo her own show?!

should give her own show?!
There will never be enough space to tweet reasons why @vh1 should give Drita Davanzo her own show but here's a start!
Drita is and always will be more than a Mobwife.
She changes lives and has so many Projects going on behind the scenes aimed at changing lives within her community which should be documented.
Her warm heart and fierce attitude towards life inspires people to believe in not only themselves but in the world around them.
Drita started from the bottom and it was her personal struggles,Strong work ethic and motivation that has transformed her into one of today's most prominent business woman.
People look up to Drita, Not because she is on Tv but because she is REAL.
TV was just a part of her journey but it has never changed her destination or who she was and is yet to become.

For 5 seasons I have been a loyal fan and supporter of The Show however nowdays I find myself fast forwarding to the Drita scenes because I feel she has so many things going on in her world that are productive but also not being showcased and DRAMA is not one of them.

Drita is currently working on a autobiography sharing her personal experiences, It is emotional, uplifting and being DRITA DAVANZO you know it's going to be funny as hell so why not document these moments!

Expand her and I guarantee she will change lives as we sit back and watch her Fan base blow up and give the term "Reality Star" a new definition.
One more thing - Drita Davanzo has a Mother f$cking Mob!
How many other Mobwives/Reality stars has a Mob!
Her Fans are Loyal and will follow her to the ends of the earth!