Monday, April 8, 2013


I am not sure about anyone else but after watching the Mob Wives Season 3 finale I walked away feeling like Drita Davanzo is on the wrong show.
As can be seen in the video above of Love and Carla's dramatic fight Drita Davanzo's main concern was that her family were at the event and "The Mob Wives Drama" was the least of her issue's because "When it comes to her family she will go to war"

During season 3 we have seen a big change in Drita and I could be wrong for assuming here however she seems to be moving forward in a positive direction and doing her best to stay away from Drama while she focuses on her newly reunited family.
In my opinion she has outgrown Mob Wives and while I'm sure she appreciates the opportunities the show has provided her I believe it's time for her to move on to the great things she was destined to do!
Drita's priorities have changed and what matter's to her most is not which Mob Wife she has beef with, It's taking care of her family and ensuring she is able to provide for her children.

I commend Drita on the person she has grown to become through Mob Wives and although fans fell in love with the Hot Tempered Albanian that was presented to us we grew and continued to love her for the person she became!
Fans will follow Drita where ever she may go because they are loyal to her and genuinely like her!

Mob Wives has acted as a stepping stone for many of the other wives as they were able to launch their own TV shows, Books, Clothing Lines, Cosmetic Lines and Even Music Bands.
 This could potentially be a great opportunity for Drita to move into a new direction considering the circumstances were right and contracts were waved.
 (I'm assuming that the reason Drita does not yet have her own show is because she is bound by contract)

If you would like to see Drita Davanzo star in her own show you can contribute to making this happen by sending a tweet to VH1 requesting her have her own show.
I stress to fans that there is no point tweeting Drita as this matter is beyond her control and needs to be sent directly to management at VH1.

 You can also contribute by following the below link and signing the Petition I have created for Drita to have her own show!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Aleeya Davanzo- Quick thinking Hero!

Over the past 3 years we have come to know and fall in love with not only Drita Davanzo but also her two adorable children Aleeya and Gizelle.
We have watched them as they have grown into Smart, Responsible and Caring little ladies which is a huge tribute to the job in which Drita has done raising them.

Recently Drita was admitted to hospital and it was due to the quick thinking of her 10 year old daughter Aleeya who phoned 911 that quite potentially saved her from serious illness.

According to Sources and Drita was suffering from serious abdominal pain when she passed out. It was in this moment that 10 year old Aleeya took charge of both her younger sister Gizelle and her mother's health as she phoned 911 to seek help where Drita was then rushed to hospital.

It was suspected that Drita was suffering from Appendicitis however they later discovered that she had a serious infection and without the quick thinking of her daughter Aleeya could have quite possibly been life threatening.
Drita was released from hospital after treatment and an overnight stay in hospital. 

What an Amazing young girl, Job well done to her quick thinking and responsible behaviour!