Sunday, December 9, 2012


As we fast approach Season 3 of mob wives which is due to premiere on the 6th January 2013 I often find myself wondering how Drita Davanzo manages to fit her life in to 24 hours a day.
During the off season of Mob wives Drita has kept herself extremely busy as she works around the clock to ensure her new and high in demand cosmetic line JUST ME COSMETICS continues to deliver what women of today want in their cosmetics, Also when given the chance she loves to personally sign fan autographed cosmetics.

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Available both online and at The Just Me Cosmetics cart in The Staten Island mall the cosmetic line is something Drita has had in the works for many years and despite her busy schedule Drita can often be found at her cart working to ensure her customers are satisfied.
With such high in demand products Drita has since made a decision to expand her business and build a store on Forest Ave, Staten Island which is located just across the street from Mob wive Co Star’s Angela Raiola’s Bar The Drunken Monkey! 

While Drita continues to build on her business ventures with Just Me cosmetics she has also created a
A charity aimed at providing much needed assistance to single parent families who are faced with the day to day struggle that Drita herself has been faced with throughout her life.
The separated mother of two has never been shy of tough times and struggle so when she found herself in the position of being able to help others she was the first to jump at the opportunity to create "SINGLE BUT NOT ALONE",

Through Single But Not Alone Drita has landed herself a sponsorship deal with MHP 8 Hour Alert whereby all products sold will contribute a portion of the profit to her charity enabling her to distribute much needed funds to those struggling in the community.

In between speeding tickets we also caught Drita in Times Square celebrating the Albanian Independence day with her family!

With the recent devastation of Hurricane Sandy Drita found herself in a very Emotional,Traumatic and Close to home state where she could no longer sit back and watch her community suffer.
Once again she put her thoughts into action and organised a function to help raise funds for her community. The star studded and A list event took place in New York City where an admirable amount of funds were raised and placed back into the community.
Many of the Mob wives attended this event and from what I hear it was a great and successful event.

Lets not forget those gorgeous custom made Lady Boss Caps Drita recently had made by Performance Industries.

Update - Performance Industries
"Drita & Big Ange stopped by today to film for an episode of "Mob Wives." Drita loves the wheels and will be coming back for some more upgrades in the future. Episodes of "Mob Wives" will air in February. Check your local listings.
Lady Boss and star of the reality show "Mob Wives", Drita is having us do some work on her Audi A6. Stay tuned for updates as to when the episode will air."

With just a few more short hours of her day Drita once again has found her way to the music studio!
Earlier this week Drita tweeted that she was in the Heatmakerz Studio where she fell in love with a painting of two of her all time Rap Idols Tupac and The Notorious BIG!

Could this mean a new single or possibly a complete mix tape is on it's way??