Monday, July 23, 2012


Big congrats to Mob Wives star Drita Davanzo on the official launch of her Lip Line for JUST ME COSMETICS!

 She has officially opened up a stand and Launched Just Me Cosmetics right next to Banana Republic in the Staten Island Mall and will be holding a huge event on the 2nd of august between 6 and 8pm.

The line is not yet available on however it will be available for purchase soon after the event takes place in Staten Island.
Now available on however is a larger and growing amount of Lady Boss gear!
Everything you need from Hats to Hood's!

 I can personally vouch for the quality of the stock as I have purchased from Drita's collection and am actually wearing one of her hood's as I write this blog!
The material is high quality and comfortable, Washes well and looks great!
My poor husband has not yet received his credit card bill but I would like to take this opportunity to apologise in advance for whatever cost I may have caused!
As my birthday is approaching my children asked me what I wanted for my birthday so I advised them I had left my order at the shopping cart page and they should use their dad's credit card to complete the purchase! Well trained kids! haha!

"I seem to have little supermodels modeling my lip glosses and lipsticks. Love my little"
 "Thanks for your support. And I promise you will loveeeee it! xoxo"
DRITA DAVANZO via Facebook
We wish you the best of success with JUST ME cosmetics Drita, We know how much time, effort and heart has gone into making this happen!


  1. I am so looking forward to purchasing your line of cosmetics. California girl.

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  3. Hope your products are sold at sephora as well :)

  4. hi i love your products and have been trying to order for awhile with no avail and the tech support states they cant help me is there something you can to help me out my name is Mirza Gonzalez my email is also my cell is 3058780313 i hope we can fix this cause i would really like to order from your site ....... thanks in advice

  5. Hey Drita....if I sent you a photo of me, could you please make some recommendations on make-up? that goes with my skin tone, never can get it right. I am 52 and I have never been able to find the fight coverage, eyeshadow, or even how to wear my eyeliner..I've thought about going without make-up but that would be a cardinal a before and after photo from your recommendations....i'll send you...any advice would be helpful..thanks!

  6. gmomma43@hotmail.comJune 7, 2014 at 1:52 PM

    Drita, I was visiting NY a few days ago with my family and wanted so bad to visit your store in Stanton Island. My daughter-in-law had the itinary planned out and while she does not watch your show (I do, and love it) this was not in her plans. I am 70 years old and was terrified to try to go by myself, however, I wished I had now. I love you & Big Ang and just wanted to buy something at your store. Silly, I know.

  7. Hiiii Drita i live in anada and love th way you do your make up a d your color choices was wondering can canadians order your products you and big ang are soooooo funny if its ok i will send you a photot of myself from my email perhaps you could tell me what shades i would be able to ear love love love u girl