Friday, April 25, 2014

Mob Phoenix

While Real Life, Children and Family commitments have kept me somewhat absent over the last few months I was not surprised when I found some time to browse Drita Davanzo's Social Networking sites only to find her exceeding all limitations and expanding beyond even her humble dreams.

From what started out as a small online Fan based business The Lady Boss Brand has taken a life of it's own and has now become a highly in demand Cosmetic, Clothing, Jewelry and Lingerie line.
 With the recent launch of Drita's second store I can only assume that she is well on her way to her ultimate dream.

For those of you who have followed Drita Davanzo's career from the get go the one thing you would know is that Drita has stayed down for her fans from day one, This is a massive part of why she has always been my ultimate favorite.
The Lady Boss Brand is a prime example of the loyalty in which she has for her fans because each and every one of her products are designed based on what we as consumers request.
As I browse through her Cosmetics and apparel lines I am able to see that her business is based on her passion and her ultimate goal is not money nor wealth but being able to bring out the best in others.
Again I find no surprises in Drita's work ethic and the selfless values she applies to her business.

I personally have along with many of you  followed Drita's career for almost five years and
 We have seen her struggle, We have seen her cry and We have seen her rise like a Phoenix and overcome all the obstacles that stood in her way.
It is these moments that remind us just how special she is and how blessed we have been to be part of her journey.
She has given us strength when we felt kicked down, She has given us hope when we felt hopeless and she has taught us that we should never be afraid to stand up for whats right and wrong.
For that, I thank her ;)

I look forward to following the next chapter of her story!

Don't forget to keep undated via Drita's Official Web Pages