Tuesday, March 14, 2017


In case you guys haven't noticed we are beginning to see a new trend on twitter entitled #BlameDrita
If you are having a Bad Hair day Blame Drita
If you run out of Toilet Rolls Blame Drita
If you have a Slow Internet Connection Blame Drita
Or if your Mercedes decides to wake up one day and start calling you a RAT your safest bet is probably just do what Karen Gravano did and BLAME DRITA.

In what looks like to be a TMZ EXCLUSIVE we see footage of Gravano's car being towed away after it's tires were slashed and the word RAT was added to it's decal in Bright Orange.


In a video posted by Gravano she talks about the former Mobwives star and the Beef they shared on the last season of the show.....
They actually had beef going as far back as season one so I personally found it interesting to hear Karen only seeing an issue with the very last season but who's judging!
Karen goes on to call them irrelevant and pathetic for bringing up the same issue over and over again......
At this point I am scratching my head as flashbacks of  Gravano's scene's replay through my mind like it were yesterday and all I took away from this moment is LEE!
I actually watched a program on the Crime Investigation channel that looked a little like Karen Gravano's Obsession with Lee story but the woman ended up behind Bars! Great Documentary it was!
Lee has made some mistakes in his past and clearly Karen is one of them but at what point will she realize that he is no longer the man she knew over 10 years ago and has since married and created a family with the woman he loves.
Since his release Lee has focused on new beginnings with his family and his Sports Memorabilia business.
Give the guy a break Karen!
 Poor Lee may be free of his time in Prison but this Woman looks like she is set to give him LIFE!

Nearing the end of Karen's video it all became clear and hit me like a Tonne Of Bricks when she goes on to announce that she has some projects coming up! 
Of course she has some projects coming up which makes for a great opportunity for some free promotional work courtesy of Drita Davanzo.
One Instagram picture from Drita generates over 20,000 responses so it was a smart move on Gravano's behalf.......If it worked!
The Dumb Shit Probably Gratified her own car in Teletubbie colours!

The whole situation is simply absurd and ridiculous. Half of Staten Island calls her a RAT and there are a lot of people who have a problem with her Family. It could have been anyone. 
I honestly believe that Karen's Social Media Sites are dropping off and this was a desperate move to keep her in the spotlight, especially after Marriage Boot Camp!

Lets face it, The Decal on her Car could have been worse!
She should be thankful that the kid who did it was probably a Teenager and not a Kindergarten Kid!
For all we know is could of been a disgruntled Fan!

I know many of you like me are scratching your heads at this bullshit!
Karen's Car calls her a RAT and somehow it's Drita's Fault.
We all know that if Drita wanted to say something to Gravano she would hunt her down and say it, preferably before Karen throws a Bag and runs out the door!
sometimes you really do just have to be able to smile throught it all......