Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mobwives- So Far So Good

We are now two episodes into the 4th Season Of Mob Wives and as the storyline heats up we are quickly forming our own opinions as our viewer loyalties begin to shift to different sides of each fence.

Alicia DiMichele and Natalie Guerico have successfully debuted to Mob Wives and while watching the first two episodes it's almost although the girls were an original part of the cast with no hesitation or holding back as the "New Girls".
Love them or hate them they are both definitely bringing some heat to the show and I have a feeling things are about to get very interesting!

After what seemed to be a smooth running third season for the notoriously known Drita Davanzo we are starting to see those facial expressions that tell us she is being pushed to her limits and from past seasons we KNOW that when Drita is pushed to her limits it doesn't end well.
I don't personally believe for one second Drita is a violent person who enjoys conflict but I do believe she is not the kind of person who will back down to a provoked or instigated confrontation.

Drita once described herself like a Lion with her Cubs and after watching her during the "Stalker Scene" it became obvious that this applies to all area's of her life and all the people she cares for.
She did was she felt was necessary to ensure the safety of her staff and it was like watching a Bull with a Red Flag but it showed her and True and Protective Character.

After a tough third season Renee Graziano is back and looking better than ever before!
Renee looks Healthy,Happy and seems to be right on track with her life. 
With her "Can Do" attitude and the fresh new launch of Mob Candy I don't believe anything will stop her this season!
We are beginning to see some conflict between Renee and Newcomer Alicia over Renee's code of Omerta regarding Renee's long time friend and Alicia's husband Eddie's extra marital affairs.
Whether or not Renee in fact knows anything is something we can only assume however there is no denying that it puts her in an extremely awkward position when confronted by Alicia after hearing 5 years worth of her husbands taped phone calls.
In my opinion I don't believe Alicia's problem lies with Renee, I get the impression that deep down Alicia already knows the answer to her questions and is looking for someone to be angry at because it's easier to be angry at a friend than it is to be with someone you have spent 13 years of your life loving. 
Will they resolve their conflict?

In the middle of a court case Alicia DiMichele has won the hearts of Mob Wives fans all over the world.
He situation and story has so many people reaching out to her via Social networking to show support and offer her words of kindness.

Alicia seems to have no trouble fitting in with the group and of all the Girls it seems that Alicia has hit very close to home with Drita Davanzo because they have both come from very similar circumstance and Drita relates very well to Alicia's situation.
I'm enjoying the early stages of their friendship!

Other newcomer Natalie Guerico on the other hand seems to be having a little more trouble adjusting to the group of Girls.
Natalie who is the new face of Renee Graziano's Mob Candy Line has left a small trail of Bad First Impression on the cast and seems to be pushing the wrong buttons on cast mates such as Drita and Big Ang.
Drita and Ang are concerned that Natalie may not be suitable for both Mob Candy or Renee due to her Party Girl Persona.
I don't believe their concern is coming from a bad place but with Natalie not seeming like the type to bite her tongue or back down from a fight things are bound to get interesting.
Is picking a fight with Drita the smartest move? Probably not.......but I get the impression that there is a lot more to Natalie than meets the eye so I'm not going to jump the gun on this just yet.
I have a feeling we will see more of Natalie and her story in weeks to come.

How about Big Ang?!
The last few season's I have to admit to not being overly fussed on Big Ang however this season she has come out as one of my Faves!
Something has changed with Ang and I love that there is no hesitations or holding back on how she feel's.
I feel like we are seeing more of "The Real Ang" this season and I for one am loving it!
Ang looks better than ever this season and I'm really looking forward to watching her!

What are your thoughts on the season so far?