Sunday, June 29, 2014

Drita's Biggest Fan Contest!

After 4 years of dedication and support to Mobwives Star Drita Davanzo it was only natural that I would enter the above competition but don't worry Fans because I live in Australia and have no chance of winning the free Makeover haha!
It didn't stop me from entering though ;)
If anything the competition announcement gave me the opportunity to reflect on the time I have spend as a Loyal Drita Fan and with or without the competition I am proud to be a Fan and Honored to have witnessed her journey to success.

With close to a Million combined Fans on Social Networking sites Facebook and Twitter it is safe to say Drita is an established Star and business woman but what I have come to respect most about her is that she never left any of her fans behind!
When I first met Drita in season one she always made time for her fans and of the many thngs that have changed in her life that is the one thing she has never changed.
I think without even realizing this, Drita makes each and every one of her fans feel like 'they count" and to receive a smile,wink or comment makes people happy!
Not only has Drita herself established positive relationship's all around the world with her fans but they have also come together and been able to establish wonderful friendships among themselves with one "Mutual friend" in common......Drita D'avanzo!
I personally have met some amazing people from Drita's social networking pages!

Looking back at some of the old post it puts a smile on my face!
I remember Boycotting Her Facebook Wall with messages of support during her hard times and it was unreal how many people actually posted
Although my Children have never seen an episode of Mob Wives they are a very aware of who Drita Davanzo is and what she stands for.
As a mother I can only hope to instill the values in which Drita has into the lives of my children in the hope that they will grow to view life and people in similar eyes (Minus the Toothpick and Wrench) haha!

I began Blogging in season one to date have published over 80 articles for the site including and exclusive interview with Drita herself!
Not Bad for a Fan!
I run and own the @DRITASmob Twitter page where I have sent over 6000 Tweets in support of Drita and I also manage the DRITAS MOB Page on Facebook where are almost 20, 000 Fans.


I live in Australia and I know I cannot win this competition but it's BECAUSE I am Drita's Biggest Fan that I will enter anyway ;)