Thursday, January 21, 2016

If Looks Could Kill

Through watching Mobwives this week I learned two things:
1. That Carla Facciolo's Air Time is VH1's way of compensating her for being assaulted by Love Majewski during filming back in season 3! 
Clever Move Carla!!

I imagine the terms of Carla's new contract would read something like this:
Dear Vh1, In addition to employing me (Again) I expect that you make me the focus of season 6 by forcing viewers to watch more than 5 minutes of me per episode.
In return, I will not continue to seek legal advice regarding that one time at Band Camp when Love Majewski gave me a pounding.
Kind Regards
Carla Mean Girl Facciolo.
I do have to say regarding Carla that this year she has come back with a really High Horse attitude.
Sadly and unpredictably she has become a Mean Girl and I liked her much better before when she had some class and dignity.
I cannot help but see her as a Sheep who wants to sit at the Cool Kids Table.
It's almost although she didn't just start hanging with the In Crowd but almost althought she wants to be the In Crowd!
Be careful Mobwives because Carla has come back with a Leader of the Pack mentality and she's coming for YOU!

The second thing I have learned this week is that Newcomer Marissa Jade was confused when attending auditions and was never told that Keeping Up With The Kardashians already had their Kim!
This should be interesting!

Being Drita's Mob I am going to stop wasting your time and get right into it!
Lets talk about the Karen/Drita argument scene.
I have to admit that after watching this particular scene I am hurting for Our Girl Drita and here is why:
After watching the last 2 Episodes I think it has become obvious that despite being a Reality Show there is a lot of interference by production in order to make it the show it is today.
I have been told by numerous Reality TV  Stars that there are times during filming where producers will rattle a few cages in order to create a reaction.
This is what I believe happened in this scene.
I may be wrong, Don't take my word for it but here is what I saw in this scene:
Looking at the way in which Drita responded and held herself during this conversation I believe Drita was expecting a different type of scene if you know what I mean.
As she stood there shaking her head in disbelief and somewhat betrayal I believe it wasn't until Drita arrived to film that she realized she was the last to know it was a "Fight Scene".
Drita's facial expression have always told her story and during this scene she could barley even look at Karen which told me she felt ambushed and cornered into a scene she had no idea was due to take place until that moment.
I perceived Drita to be genuinely shocked and really taken back by Karen's choice to play into Producers and give them what they asked for.
To be honast, I almost sensed that maybe Drita was somewhat hurt by this move.
I don't know much about the Lifestyle or The Girls personally but I would assume that they all have a mutual Understanding/Respect in place between one another defining topics and things that are strictly off limits.
As I said earlier, I may be very wrong and you probably shouldn't take my word for it but what I took away from this scene was that Karen crossed a line and it only took Drita a second to work it out.
I even caught her smile and shake her head like "What the actual F$CK" as she left the scene!
I am just a fan and this is just my opinion.

I am curious to know if anyone else saw what I saw during the scene?

A lot of people have been asking where to Get Drita's clothing and Jewelry from as she often wears it during Mobwives.
In this particular scene Drita is wearing a Lady Boss By Drita Top and a Piece from her Evil Eye Collection which is worn worldwide and known to welcome protection and luck.
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Friday, January 15, 2016

Manaja Setup (3 Way Setup)

This is Drita's Mob Blog so I am not going to be giving you a full recap of the 2 hour season Premiere of Mobwives Season 6 however I will be discussing a few issue's that I and the majority of other Fans are having trouble understanding since the episode aired earlier this week.

As anticipated, We saw the brief return of Love Majewski who was granted her 5 minutes of fame back in season 3 where she made herself known for being the Bat Shit Crazy Mobwife who assaulted Carla Facciolo. (I say Bat Shit Crazy not because that is my opinion of her but because that is everyone Else's opinion).

The impression we were given back in Season 3 was that Love Majewski came into the group and had it in for Carla for no apparent reason without any known history between them. 
This made it easy for viewers to side with Carla and left us to believe Love Majewski was......Bat Shit Crazy.
I call Bullshit on them having no history about as much as I call Bullshit on Love's apology to Carla during the season premiere of Mobwives!
Love and Carla have dated the same man and according to they dated The same Man at The same time.

Love also mentioned something similar about Derek (Carla's ex Boyfriend)  in a 2013 interview with The Mobwives Blogspot who are the only Blog Love currently interviews with.
I understand that Media can sometimes have incorrect information however I am not sure if they were referring to the same incident or different incidents but you can read a little more about Derek A.K.A The Handyman and even see one of his "Leaked" Nude HERE!
If that is not History then let me continue.
This is the author of The Mobwives Blog explaining how she came to begin referring to Carla Facciolo as " Carla Fuckin Facciolo".
Toni Marie Ricci is a long time friend of Love Majewski and in THIS Interview claims Carla Facciolo is not as innocent as she likes to make people believe and spent inappropriate time with her now Ex husband on a boat.
As a long time friend of Toni Marie and someone who has shagged the same man it could be easy to assume Love Majewski knew exactly who Carla Facciolo was.
There was always History!

For whatever their reasons were Love and Carla had beef leading up to Love appearing on Mobwives.
Many people are unaware of their nasty exchanges which made it very hard for people to accept Love Majewski for anything more than a Crazy Woman.
I am not about to defend Love but people attacked her for months calling her every name under the sun without realizing that her anger came from a history of hurt.

 So when I tuned into the season premiere of Mobwives and I see Love Majewski apologize to Carla I thought it was a very respectful and brave thing to do and this this happened......
Love apologized to Carla by throwing Drita under the bus and blaming Drita for her assault on Carla in season 3.
Throwing someone under the bus and making them take responsibility for your actions is NOT an apology!
This is where it gets interesting though.......
Love attacked Carla on her own accord and not because Drita told her to.
They had been provoking each other for months and Drita is not responsible for Love or her choices.
In this particular setting Love openly claimed Drita had set Carla up and supported Love in her choice to attack Carla.
She must have forgotten about the 2 interviews she did after departing the series. 
In one Interview she claims Renee was a "Snake" who set Carla up and instigated the whole attack and in another said that it was produced by creators and that the incident was intended to go that way.
Both interviews are below.
ummmm Love, So which one is it?
Did Drita, Renee or The Producers force your hand in attacking Carla because I am slightly confused!
If I had to believe ONE of the 3 multiple choice answers I would most likley believe that the Producers contracted Love to take Carla out for ratings the same way I believe they have contracted her to blame Drita.
I would say it was The Producers because She mentions a
show she was promised by VH1 and I remember the promo for the show she was talking about.
It was never picked up as promised by her producers 
which ultimately ment they screwed Love over just as much as they screwed Carla over!

We anticipated Drita as being the Season 6 Target however we did not predict they would have made it this obvious!

I personally don't believe that Drita or Renee set Carla up, I believe Carla was set up the day VH1 hired and contracted Love Majewski to "Play her Role"
I received a Tweet today that read:
Love Majewski would go to War with Korea if she thought it would get her more TV Time.
What do you guys think?


Wednesday, January 13, 2016


During the previous weeks leading up to The 2016 Mobwives Premiere I have sat back and casually watched The Castmates openly throw shade towards Drita Davanzo.
At one point I found myself questioning why Drita wasn't standing up for herself or fighting back but I then realized that Drita very rarely plays into the online Twitter Games and Blog Wars. She has never been the type to participate in Online Warfare.
Instead......Drita uses her Social Networking sites to interact with her much loved Fans and give us weekly weather forecast reports.

Over the past couple of days we have seen Drita reach her breaking point and finally fight back!
Everyone who watches Mobwives knows that one thing you will never get away with is talking Sh$t about anyone Drita loves or cares about.
Known for her Quote "When it comes to my Family I will go to War and you better have a lot of Mother F$ckin Soldiers" I was not surprised when Drita unleashed like a beast at Karen Gravano who allegedly contacted a Blog and asked them to falsely report that Drita's Husband Lee Davanzo had been arrested.
Karen Gravano then took to Instagram to respond in what felt like another chapter of her boring Book.
When it comes to Mobwives and Blogs I believe there is a lot of truth to Drita's accusations because as a Former Blogger I have been placed in similar situations by Mobwives and Reality Stars.
I will not go too much into detail but on several occasions during my time Blogging I had been contacted by Mobwives and asked to write articles leaking information about either themselves or other members of the cast. Drita however........Was never one of them.

Does anyone remember those Naked Pictures of Carla Facciolo's boyfriend Derek Rodriguez which were posted online via a Blog a couple of years back?
They were 100% LEAKED!
I know this because the very same Mobwive who leaked those pictures to the Blogger who published them had also sent me the pictures and requested that I leak them.
The pictures and original article have since been removed by the Blogger and there is little to no trace of the leaked photo's but don't worry Fans, You weren't missing much!
The point I am making is that chances of Karen Gravano contacting a blog in the attempt to slam Drita is very real and highly likely to have taken place.
We must also take into consideration that Karen has been publicly slamming Drita for years and nothing seems to have changed!
All you have to do is visit Karen Gravano's Twitter page to see that she spends almost 90% of her time on Twitter trashing Drita Davanzo.
Here is what we know:
After many months of having shade thrown at her by the Other Wives Drita Davanzo has finally erupted like a Volcano and publicly defended herself and her Family.
Drita has come out with Guns Blazing claiming that Karen Gravano was falsely leaking incorrect and untrue information about her husband in the attempt to make Drita look bad.
At what point does enough become enough?

I have to commend Drita on being the bigger person and ignoring all the shade thrown over the last few months but also respect that she has had enough and finally decided to Let Em have it while ripping Karen Gravano a new A$$hole!
I have no doubt that Drita's source of information is legit and solid because there is no way on Earth that she would ever buy into hearsay or gossip. She never has!

The question I find myself asking however is WHY is Karen so obsessed with Drita's husband Lee?!
Does Lee Davanzo have a Golden Penis?!
There is a fine line between a Hobby and an Obsession and it's starting to feel very repetitive and annoying.
I have come to learn that there are 3 things certain in life, Death, Taxes and Karen not being able to let go of Lee Davanzo.!
I often wonder how Karen's ex Boyfriends David Seabrook and Storm feel about continuously having to compete with a man she dated over 10 years ago.
The fact that she has spent the last 6 years of her life fighting with Drita over a man who has married and moved on with his life makes me break out into the Frozen Theme and sing "Let it goooooo, Let it gooooooo"
 You can never move to the next chapter if you are still reliving the last.
I think it is time to stop sugar coating the situation and call it for what it is.
Karen Gravano will always have a problem with Drita Davanzo because she is married to and has a family with Lee Davanzo.
As much as Drita tries to move forward with Karen it will never happen because Karen's intentions towards Drita have been set in stone from the beginning of the series.
Every season seems to have a Target and for the last couple of seasons Fans have felt that Drita has been alienated by her Co Stars in the attempt to make her disliked by both Cast and Fans.
I have also seen a couple of Fake accounts go up in the attempt to "Expose" Drita which have been proudly promoted and shared by some of the other Girls
The Final season of Mobwives welcomes the return of Love Majewski from season 3 who some of you may remember as Carla Facciolo's long time rival and aggressor.
I'm unsure at this stage whether the appearance from Love is a guest or a reoccurring role in the season but It was recently reported that Love Majewski has apologized to Carla Facciolo and they are now on speaking terms.
Obviously there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that we do not get to see because that particular fight was brewing all over twitter long before Love was hired as a Mobwive. 
 Hopefully this will end a little better than it did last time when Carla was assaulted on the network and had to seek legal advise which allegedly resulted in Love Majewski being fired and banned from attending the season 3 reunion.
I can't help but feel like this "new friendship" is a little too over the top.
I have not written a Blog in a while and I found myself looking through some of my old post when I came across the below article which was written on the 14th of March 2012.
To all those who decided to write Carla off back in 2012 I can now advise you that you made a good choice and I was wrong.
People began to question Carla's loyalty back in 2012 when she began spending more time with Karen and Ramona and less time with Drita.
I never in a million years saw this one coming because I tried to believe Carla was more than just a "Mothball" but I have since learned that if it looks like a Mothball and walks like a Mothball then chances are it's probably a Mothball.
With Carla Facciolo making a return to Mobwives it would have been easy to assume that Drita had a friend in her corner however it seems that once again Carla's loyalties have shifted and she now resides in Karen's Anus.
This Girl cannot seem to stay loyal to any one mobwives for more than one season at a time so it was inevitable she would eventually turn on Drita.
Surprisingly, Carla Facciolo has been one of the main instigators in the Twitter attacks on Drita which certainly makes me wonder to what extend a person would go for 5 minutes of fame on VH1.
I have a feeling we are going to see Drita Davanzo like never before with hurt and betrayal as her ammunition!
I have a feeling Drita will be dodging Green Screen Bullets with shots fired by people who she once considered to be friends.
People underestimate Drita's Fans and how loyal they really are and I personally will not be sad to see Mobwives end. 
I look forward to seeing Drita move forward to the next stage of her life.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Last Stand (Throwing Shade)

Love them or Hate them we cannot deny that they have our attention!
As you all know Mob wives is due to return to our screens on January 13 for what is anticipated to be the final season of Mob Wives (The Last Stand).
The 4 original Girls are returning Drita Davanzo,Carla Facciolo,Renee Graziano,Karen Gravano along with Fan Favorite and much loved Angela Raiola
Season 6 is also introducing 2 newcomers Marissa Jade and Brittany Fogarty in what it anticipated to be the best and final season of Mob wives.

We will also see the return of Love Majewski who some of you may remember from season 3 as Carla Facciolo's long time Aggressor and Rival.
I'm unsure at this stage whether the appearance from Love is a guest or a reoccurring role in the season but I am almost certain it will be a little more thought out than her last appearance which ended as one of Reality TVs most Brutal fights to date and allegedly had Carla Facciolo seeking legal advise regarding her assault on the network.
I can however report that Love Majewski and Carla Facciolo seem to be on talking terms.

In 6 seasons of Mob wives Carla Facciolo has fallen out with every single cast member accept ONE.
If you took a wild guess and called out "Drita" then you are well on your way to the top of the class!

We all know that in the weeks leading up to the season Premiere the cast are very active with their social networking and promotion duties. We always anticipate their mysterious cliffhanger style tweets which prepare us for an always explosive season premiere.

This year we are seeing Carla Facciolo and her New found friends throwing Tons of Shade at former Mob wives Friend Drita Davanzo.
Carla's shift in loyalty was a predictable move.
We all know Carla isn't a fighter and doesn't tend to go well unless armed with a butter knife in conflicts so her Flopping to the "Team" with the most members was an inevitable move on her behalf.

From the tweets I have seen already I have a feeling that Drita is the number one target this season. 
I also have a feeling some of the girls are very much aware that the "Edits" are going in their favor and will do everything in their power to ensure Fan Favorite Drita Davanzo's Integrity is questioned while they portray her as a Villain..
I believe this season will be a true test of Loyalty, Especially where Drita's fans are concerned however I also believe that her fans and their intelligence are strongly underestimated.

I am interested to see where this season will begin!
what are your predictions for season 6?