Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mobwives- So Far So Good

We are now two episodes into the 4th Season Of Mob Wives and as the storyline heats up we are quickly forming our own opinions as our viewer loyalties begin to shift to different sides of each fence.

Alicia DiMichele and Natalie Guerico have successfully debuted to Mob Wives and while watching the first two episodes it's almost although the girls were an original part of the cast with no hesitation or holding back as the "New Girls".
Love them or hate them they are both definitely bringing some heat to the show and I have a feeling things are about to get very interesting!

After what seemed to be a smooth running third season for the notoriously known Drita Davanzo we are starting to see those facial expressions that tell us she is being pushed to her limits and from past seasons we KNOW that when Drita is pushed to her limits it doesn't end well.
I don't personally believe for one second Drita is a violent person who enjoys conflict but I do believe she is not the kind of person who will back down to a provoked or instigated confrontation.

Drita once described herself like a Lion with her Cubs and after watching her during the "Stalker Scene" it became obvious that this applies to all area's of her life and all the people she cares for.
She did was she felt was necessary to ensure the safety of her staff and it was like watching a Bull with a Red Flag but it showed her and True and Protective Character.

After a tough third season Renee Graziano is back and looking better than ever before!
Renee looks Healthy,Happy and seems to be right on track with her life. 
With her "Can Do" attitude and the fresh new launch of Mob Candy I don't believe anything will stop her this season!
We are beginning to see some conflict between Renee and Newcomer Alicia over Renee's code of Omerta regarding Renee's long time friend and Alicia's husband Eddie's extra marital affairs.
Whether or not Renee in fact knows anything is something we can only assume however there is no denying that it puts her in an extremely awkward position when confronted by Alicia after hearing 5 years worth of her husbands taped phone calls.
In my opinion I don't believe Alicia's problem lies with Renee, I get the impression that deep down Alicia already knows the answer to her questions and is looking for someone to be angry at because it's easier to be angry at a friend than it is to be with someone you have spent 13 years of your life loving. 
Will they resolve their conflict?

In the middle of a court case Alicia DiMichele has won the hearts of Mob Wives fans all over the world.
He situation and story has so many people reaching out to her via Social networking to show support and offer her words of kindness.

Alicia seems to have no trouble fitting in with the group and of all the Girls it seems that Alicia has hit very close to home with Drita Davanzo because they have both come from very similar circumstance and Drita relates very well to Alicia's situation.
I'm enjoying the early stages of their friendship!

Other newcomer Natalie Guerico on the other hand seems to be having a little more trouble adjusting to the group of Girls.
Natalie who is the new face of Renee Graziano's Mob Candy Line has left a small trail of Bad First Impression on the cast and seems to be pushing the wrong buttons on cast mates such as Drita and Big Ang.
Drita and Ang are concerned that Natalie may not be suitable for both Mob Candy or Renee due to her Party Girl Persona.
I don't believe their concern is coming from a bad place but with Natalie not seeming like the type to bite her tongue or back down from a fight things are bound to get interesting.
Is picking a fight with Drita the smartest move? Probably not.......but I get the impression that there is a lot more to Natalie than meets the eye so I'm not going to jump the gun on this just yet.
I have a feeling we will see more of Natalie and her story in weeks to come.

How about Big Ang?!
The last few season's I have to admit to not being overly fussed on Big Ang however this season she has come out as one of my Faves!
Something has changed with Ang and I love that there is no hesitations or holding back on how she feel's.
I feel like we are seeing more of "The Real Ang" this season and I for one am loving it!
Ang looks better than ever this season and I'm really looking forward to watching her!

What are your thoughts on the season so far?

Friday, November 15, 2013


With the subtraction of 4 and the addition of 2 new Mob Wives the Girls of are back and looking better than ever ready to premiere season 4 on December 5th!

With the departure of Karen, Ramona, Love and Carla we will see two Newcomers in season 4.

Boutique owner Alicia DiMichele Garafola and CEO of Carto Funeral Home Inc Natalie Elise Guerico are set to shake it up and rock a few boats.

Although I will personally miss Ramona, Love and Karen's contributions and storylines to the series I do believe Both Alicia and Natalie are a great addition to Mob Wives.
I have had the pleasure of sharing minimal tweets with both Girls and they both seem incredibly Kind, Real and something to look forward to.

While the excitement of "New Blood" continues to build there seems to be some tension brewing between Producers and cast who are no longer affiliated with the Enterprise.

For whatever reason Karen Gravano, Ramona Rizzo, Love Majewski and Carla Facciolo will not be returning for a forth season and as the premiere draws closer some of the Girls have become more open and vocal about their departure via Social Media Networking sites.

Fans will be happy to know that we will be seeing the return of 3 Mob Wives originals with the return of Renee Graziano, Drita D'avanzo and Angela Raiola.
All three ladies looking better than ever have been busy filming over the last few months and have plenty in store!

Make sure you tune in to the Season 4 Mob Wives Premiere on December 5!


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Drita's New Site

Along with filming a forth season of Mob Wives Drita Davanzo has been working tirelessly to keep up with her highly in demand and very popular Cosmetic, Jewelry and Clothing lines.
Lady Boss is fast becoming one of the most talked about brands in the consumer world and with nothing but good reviews it's definitely a brand that looks to further expand and become one of 2014's most popular.

Drita's Official website has recently been redesigned and updated to ensure customers get the best possible experience when shopping for their desired products. 
It is easy to use, Easy to understand and still continues to deliver the Classy and Sassy attribution that makes our visits worthwhile and enjoyable.

On her site you can now Book Drita to appear at Fundraising and Social events as well as look at some of her past events and appearances.

Drita's very popular Cosmetic, Jewelry and Clothing lines are updated on a regular basis and she is always adding new and inspiring products to site.
I personally love her jewelry line and with such a large and affordable selection to choose from there is something for everyone!

With 6 separate Cosmetic sections on Drita's Lady Boss Cosmetics site she leaves little room for neglect in you're cosmetic collection.
The variety is astounding and again extremely affordable.
I have seen her Cosmetic line launch and grow and have never seen a negative or unhappy customer! 

Drita often offer's her fans discounted prices and with fast and international shipping you wont want to miss the updates!
For all new product and promotional information on Drita's Lady Boss Line please make sure you are connected to all Drita's Official Social Networking outlets.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Drita's Return to Season 4 Mobwives

For many months we have all speculated whether Drita D'Avanzo would be returning for a fourth season of Mob Wives and for those who do not already know it's official that She will In fact return for another season!
Dare I say that Mob Wives Viewers are in for some major shocks and changes with the departure of 3 wives this season and the arrival of two new Girls.
Carla Facciolo, Karen Gravano and Ramona Rizzo will not be returning for a fourth season and while it is still unclear to many we are unsure whether they were fired or if leaving was a mutual agreement between producers and cast.
There are many rumors but no confirmations as yet.

I personally have my reservations as to whether or not this season will work as well as previous seasons due to too many changes to fast, Only time will tell!
We will however see the return of Drita, Renee and Big Ang.

The two newcomers are Alicia DiMichele and Natalie Elise Guerico.
As of this moment we do not have all that much Intel on the two girls however I can assure you they are both no strangers to the Mob lifestyle and are guaranteed to bring their own unique characteristics to season 4 and shake things up along the way. 
It will be interesting to see what Boutique owner Alicia and CEO of Carto Funeral Home Inc/Cosmetologist Natalie will bring to season 4 of Mob Wives.
It will be more interesting to see how Drita responds to the new Girls and if they have History.
Will season 4 be another solid season for Drita?

Drita Davanzo with AliciaDiMichele

What are you thoughts on Mob Wives Season 4?

Monday, April 8, 2013


I am not sure about anyone else but after watching the Mob Wives Season 3 finale I walked away feeling like Drita Davanzo is on the wrong show.
As can be seen in the video above of Love and Carla's dramatic fight Drita Davanzo's main concern was that her family were at the event and "The Mob Wives Drama" was the least of her issue's because "When it comes to her family she will go to war"

During season 3 we have seen a big change in Drita and I could be wrong for assuming here however she seems to be moving forward in a positive direction and doing her best to stay away from Drama while she focuses on her newly reunited family.
In my opinion she has outgrown Mob Wives and while I'm sure she appreciates the opportunities the show has provided her I believe it's time for her to move on to the great things she was destined to do!
Drita's priorities have changed and what matter's to her most is not which Mob Wife she has beef with, It's taking care of her family and ensuring she is able to provide for her children.

I commend Drita on the person she has grown to become through Mob Wives and although fans fell in love with the Hot Tempered Albanian that was presented to us we grew and continued to love her for the person she became!
Fans will follow Drita where ever she may go because they are loyal to her and genuinely like her!

Mob Wives has acted as a stepping stone for many of the other wives as they were able to launch their own TV shows, Books, Clothing Lines, Cosmetic Lines and Even Music Bands.
 This could potentially be a great opportunity for Drita to move into a new direction considering the circumstances were right and contracts were waved.
 (I'm assuming that the reason Drita does not yet have her own show is because she is bound by contract)

If you would like to see Drita Davanzo star in her own show you can contribute to making this happen by sending a tweet to VH1 requesting her have her own show.
I stress to fans that there is no point tweeting Drita as this matter is beyond her control and needs to be sent directly to management at VH1.

 You can also contribute by following the below link and signing the Petition I have created for Drita to have her own show!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Aleeya Davanzo- Quick thinking Hero!

Over the past 3 years we have come to know and fall in love with not only Drita Davanzo but also her two adorable children Aleeya and Gizelle.
We have watched them as they have grown into Smart, Responsible and Caring little ladies which is a huge tribute to the job in which Drita has done raising them.

Recently Drita was admitted to hospital and it was due to the quick thinking of her 10 year old daughter Aleeya who phoned 911 that quite potentially saved her from serious illness.

According to Sources and Drita was suffering from serious abdominal pain when she passed out. It was in this moment that 10 year old Aleeya took charge of both her younger sister Gizelle and her mother's health as she phoned 911 to seek help where Drita was then rushed to hospital.

It was suspected that Drita was suffering from Appendicitis however they later discovered that she had a serious infection and without the quick thinking of her daughter Aleeya could have quite possibly been life threatening.
Drita was released from hospital after treatment and an overnight stay in hospital. 

What an Amazing young girl, Job well done to her quick thinking and responsible behaviour!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Drita Davanzo on Hip Hop Sqaures

Earlier this year Drita Davanzo was a Guest on MTV's Hip Hop Squares and I have found the full Episode in two parts for those who either missed it or have not yet had the chance to view it.

Episode 18 featured the below celebrities:
Celebrities: Fat Joe, Biz Markie, Sway, DeRay Davis, Lil' Duval, Asher Roth, DJ Khaled, DJ Ms. Nix, Drita D'Avanzo

Full Episode Below:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Drita Davanzo is famous for many things but one of the things people respect most about her is that from a very young age she has never been afraid or ashamed to stand up for what she believes in.
Drita has thrown down some heavy right hooks in her lifetime but what some may not know is that the majority of those right hooks were thrown in the direction of a school bully while defending the underdog.
Since Mob Wives aired to television we have seen so many people come from out of the wood works recounting their personal stories of how Drita defended them growing up.
 More recently we saw   send the following message to Drita Via Twitter :

Drita has kept it no secret that one of her biggest dislikes is bullying and along with her Charity "Single But Not Alone" she works very hard to support the cause and promote awareness.
It is these strong value's instilled in Drita that we are now starting to see in her Children Aleeya and Gizelle.

Recently I can across a news story/video where a 68 year old grandmother was bullied by the children on a school bus and driven to tears. 
I was disgusted and appalled by this video in fact I could not watch more than 30 seconds of it.
The response and support for this lady was incredible, Society set out to raise $5000 for her and ended up with an overwhelming $300,000.
 It is these random acts of kindness which restore my personal faith in humanity!

After watching a few stories on this I found You Tube suggesting video's titled "BULLY GETS OWNED" and I began to watch some of them.
I wanted to share them with you because again, It restores faith that there are good people out there.

This video speaks for itself but makes me laugh because who thinks to do such a thing haha!

This video went viral last year after Casey fought back

The boy in the black by the fence was being bullied and the kid in the red shirt randomly steps up and takes care of it.