Sunday, June 29, 2014

Drita's Biggest Fan Contest!

After 4 years of dedication and support to Mobwives Star Drita Davanzo it was only natural that I would enter the above competition but don't worry Fans because I live in Australia and have no chance of winning the free Makeover haha!
It didn't stop me from entering though ;)
If anything the competition announcement gave me the opportunity to reflect on the time I have spend as a Loyal Drita Fan and with or without the competition I am proud to be a Fan and Honored to have witnessed her journey to success.

With close to a Million combined Fans on Social Networking sites Facebook and Twitter it is safe to say Drita is an established Star and business woman but what I have come to respect most about her is that she never left any of her fans behind!
When I first met Drita in season one she always made time for her fans and of the many thngs that have changed in her life that is the one thing she has never changed.
I think without even realizing this, Drita makes each and every one of her fans feel like 'they count" and to receive a smile,wink or comment makes people happy!
Not only has Drita herself established positive relationship's all around the world with her fans but they have also come together and been able to establish wonderful friendships among themselves with one "Mutual friend" in common......Drita D'avanzo!
I personally have met some amazing people from Drita's social networking pages!

Looking back at some of the old post it puts a smile on my face!
I remember Boycotting Her Facebook Wall with messages of support during her hard times and it was unreal how many people actually posted
Although my Children have never seen an episode of Mob Wives they are a very aware of who Drita Davanzo is and what she stands for.
As a mother I can only hope to instill the values in which Drita has into the lives of my children in the hope that they will grow to view life and people in similar eyes (Minus the Toothpick and Wrench) haha!

I began Blogging in season one to date have published over 80 articles for the site including and exclusive interview with Drita herself!
Not Bad for a Fan!
I run and own the @DRITASmob Twitter page where I have sent over 6000 Tweets in support of Drita and I also manage the DRITAS MOB Page on Facebook where are almost 20, 000 Fans.


I live in Australia and I know I cannot win this competition but it's BECAUSE I am Drita's Biggest Fan that I will enter anyway ;)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ask Drita! Ok Magazine's New Columnist

For many months we have have speculated what is next for Mobwives Star Drita D'Avanzo and it was recently revealed that Drita has signed on as OK Magazine's new Advice columnist in a new "Ask Drita" segment!

As one of America's leading celebrity Gossip and Glamour Magazine's it seems that there will be no stopping Drita D'Avanzo as she assure's readers that there will be no holding back with her responses as she dishes you the reality of you're truth.
Drita is renowned for her for her ability to "Keep it Real" and call things as she see's them while also having the ability to show empathy and compassion which is why I believe this role could not have been a better fit for her.

Over four seasons of Mob Wives Drita D'Avanzo has captured the hearts of people from all walks of life as "The friend we all wish we had" and definitely the most relate able reality star we have seen in a long time.
I think Drita will do well in her new position because one thing we all know about her is that she doesn't forget where she came from or the hard times she has endured.

As a Daughter, A Sister, A Mother, A wife, A Business Woman and Reality Star Drita D'avanzo has a wealth of Knowledge and Honesty to offer.
As a Woman who would give you the Shirt off her back you can always be assured that Drita is ready to guide you in the right direction!

Drita's Mob wishes her the very best in her new position and cannot wait to catch her first column.

Be sure to follow Ok Magazine on Twitter to catch Drita's column's!

Drita Davanzo Official Twitter Page

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mr Lee's Sportscards

Anyone who is a fan of Drita Davanzo would also know that her Husband Lee is a huge Sports Fan and collector.
Although we do not see Lee on the hit VH1 show Mobwives it has never been a secret that he has always had a passion for Sports, Money and Business which is why I cannot say I was surprised when he put all three together and opened a sports card store in Staten Island.
With New York Mets Legend Dwight "Doc" Gooden  guest appearing at Lee's Grand Opening of the store one can only assume the best is yet to come!

I recently had a chance to check out Lee's Sports cards Online and he's done a really good job with the site.
It is very professional and there is no denying that he knows his sports with already such a unique range of  Memorabilia.
You can purchase everything from Sports cards to Rare Sport figurines and Signed Jersey's!
You can also purchase tickets to meet and greet some of the hottest sports stars of Today,Tomorrow and Yesterday!


If you are interested in Buying,Selling or Browsing some Rare and Unique Sports Memorabilia you can visit the Website or the Store in Staten Island.
All contact information for Mr Lee's Sportscards can be found on the website under the "Store Info" tab.

Congrats Lee!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Mob Phoenix

While Real Life, Children and Family commitments have kept me somewhat absent over the last few months I was not surprised when I found some time to browse Drita Davanzo's Social Networking sites only to find her exceeding all limitations and expanding beyond even her humble dreams.

From what started out as a small online Fan based business The Lady Boss Brand has taken a life of it's own and has now become a highly in demand Cosmetic, Clothing, Jewelry and Lingerie line.
 With the recent launch of Drita's second store I can only assume that she is well on her way to her ultimate dream.

For those of you who have followed Drita Davanzo's career from the get go the one thing you would know is that Drita has stayed down for her fans from day one, This is a massive part of why she has always been my ultimate favorite.
The Lady Boss Brand is a prime example of the loyalty in which she has for her fans because each and every one of her products are designed based on what we as consumers request.
As I browse through her Cosmetics and apparel lines I am able to see that her business is based on her passion and her ultimate goal is not money nor wealth but being able to bring out the best in others.
Again I find no surprises in Drita's work ethic and the selfless values she applies to her business.

I personally have along with many of you  followed Drita's career for almost five years and
 We have seen her struggle, We have seen her cry and We have seen her rise like a Phoenix and overcome all the obstacles that stood in her way.
It is these moments that remind us just how special she is and how blessed we have been to be part of her journey.
She has given us strength when we felt kicked down, She has given us hope when we felt hopeless and she has taught us that we should never be afraid to stand up for whats right and wrong.
For that, I thank her ;)

I look forward to following the next chapter of her story!

Don't forget to keep undated via Drita's Official Web Pages