Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mr Lee's Sportscards

Anyone who is a fan of Drita Davanzo would also know that her Husband Lee is a huge Sports Fan and collector.
Although we do not see Lee on the hit VH1 show Mobwives it has never been a secret that he has always had a passion for Sports, Money and Business which is why I cannot say I was surprised when he put all three together and opened a sports card store in Staten Island.
With New York Mets Legend Dwight "Doc" Gooden  guest appearing at Lee's Grand Opening of the store one can only assume the best is yet to come!

I recently had a chance to check out Lee's Sports cards Online and he's done a really good job with the site.
It is very professional and there is no denying that he knows his sports with already such a unique range of  Memorabilia.
You can purchase everything from Sports cards to Rare Sport figurines and Signed Jersey's!
You can also purchase tickets to meet and greet some of the hottest sports stars of Today,Tomorrow and Yesterday!


If you are interested in Buying,Selling or Browsing some Rare and Unique Sports Memorabilia you can visit the Website or the Store in Staten Island.
All contact information for Mr Lee's Sportscards can be found on the website under the "Store Info" tab.

Congrats Lee!


  1. I think Drita put this guy straight, I know from watching others it is hard to go straight, but I know Drita had a little to do with inspiring him. I am not taking anything from Lee, this is his thing and memorabilia and his know how of the Sports World. I am really glad to see that when people are given second chances and have the right influences they can go far. Good Luck, Lee!

  2. I tryed to go on his site because my man collects alot of baseball , basketball and football cards he is looking to sell and get pricing on you can contact us at

  3. once a soldier always a soldierI talian pride

  4. Drita once was filing for divorce,now she is still with Lee.
    What is up with that?