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For those of you who know follow Drita Davanzo you would know that despite being in the spotlight of Hit TV Show Mob Wives Drita is actually a very private person who rarely goes into too much personal detail so when she announced she is in the process of writing an autobiography on her life it sent fans into a frenzy!

Since Mob Wives aired to television we have seen so many people come from out of the wood works recounting their personal stories of how Drita defended them growing up.
 More recently we saw  send the following message to Drita Via Twitter :

 It is stories such as these that make us realize that what you see is what you get with Drita and she has never changed who she is to suit or impress anyone.
It also makes fans want to know more about Drita and how her childhood and past has shaped her to become that stand up person she is today!
 I know I for one will be purchasing a copy of Drita's story because I have no doubts that it will be as real and as raw as Drita Davanzo is.

She is working with author DOUGLAS CENTURY who is the author of Barney Ross: The Life of a Jewish Fighter; Street Kingdom: Five Years Inside the  Franklin Avenue Posse and the coauthor of the New York Times best-sellers Take down: The Fall of the Last Mafia Empire and Under and Alone.  He has written frequently for The New York Times among many other publications.

Good luck Drita and we cant wait to read your story! 




Mob Wives aired to our TV in April of 2011 and since airing to our screens it has become a huge success even branching out into different area's of the United States with spin off shows such as Chicago Mob Wives and The Big Ang show.

Drita Davanzo who is the former wife of Lee Davanzo was extremely quick to become a fan favourite and with 136 000 Fans on Face book and 342 691 followers of the social networking site Twitter Fans cant get enough of the Mob Wives Star!

Not only does Drita entertain fans with her weekly episodes of Mob Wives she also keeps them entertained in the social scenes of her life taking her loyal fans with her on her journey every step of the way.

For some the roller coaster ends at "Reality star" however for Drita D'avanzo this is where her roller coaster begins and with so many other projects in the works fans want more!

We bring this petition to you in the hope that you will hear the fans and consider Drita Davanzo for your next hit show, I say hit because people like Drita were meant to shine! 



Love her or hate her the one thing you cannot deny about Carla Facciolo is that she is a beautiful, intelligent, classy and a extremely loyal individual who knows who she is and stands up for what she believes in but most importantly she is an incredible mother.

 For two seasons of Mob Wives she has carried herself with Dignity, Pride and Respect. 
She has always held her ground and handled situations better than most woman would!
I can honestly say I dont believe I would have been able to handle the conversation where Karen started talking about "Mother Fu$#@# Pussy's" as well as Carla did.
I'm pretty sure I would not have even made it halfway through that conversation without wrapping her in a straight jacket and giving her some strong pills before sending her for a mental assessment.

In more recent news It seems to me that it doesn't and never will matter what Carla Facciolo does she will always be the target of bitter and nasty attacks from Karen,Ramona and the Mob Wives Blog spot!
Dont believe me?
 Mob Mistress is currently running a pole asking readers to vote for the Nickname that makes them giggle the most?
Below are a list of choice's they have given readers.
Drita D'avanzo a.k.a. Drita the Dumb
Carla "Fuckin" Facciolo
Carla "Hot Coochie" Facciolo
Ramona "The Rizz" Rizzo
Ramona Rizzo - FeisTY

Notice how Drita and Carla have nicknames that are more than offensive and can be extremely hurtful yet Ramona has been given something kinda sassy and cute.

For those of you who still have doubts as to why both Drita and Carla have chosen not to follow their blogs perhaps it's because they are simply incapable of writing a COMPLETE positive article in support of either of the girls and whenever they do blog on Drita or Carla they seem to have 2 negative things to say per 1 positive.

 Don't believe me again?
Below is a perfect example of what I am talking about where a compliment is always sure to be followed by an insult.

 This was taken from a recent article written on Carla.
Also I would like to add that they mentioned Carla had blocked them from twitter however they used the below photo which was taken from Carla's twitter account and labeled it "property of Mob wives Blog" and credited the photo to Carla's twitter!

"She could show a few 20 year olds a thing or two when it comes to having & maintaining a rocking body.  It's hard to believe she's the mother of twins.  I have to admit my 8 year old could teach her a thing or two when it comes to the English language.  *shrugs*  Not everyone has brains & beauty."

I don't get it!
Are you mad because your husband gets more of a kick out of Carla in a Bikini than he does from you in your granny undies?

 I have said this before and I will say it once again, I believe their blog is based on quantity of site viewers as opposed to quality of writing.

Recently a random tweet was sent from their blogger to Carla asking her "How she likes Love Majewski's sloppy seconds"

I have never in my my life seen such a nasty, cowardly and disrespectful group of people.
That's exactly like tweeting Angelina Jolie to ask how she likes Jennifer Aniston sloppy seconds.
Who does that?

On a high note though......The men Carla acquaints herself with can Grope,Slap or whatever my backside in whichever way they shall desire haha!

To conclude my blog today I would just like to bring it back to the fact that Carla has become the target of a nasty attack and certainly does not deserve to be cyber bullied by people who sit behind a screen and hide behind fake profile photo's while they actively try to destroy the reputations of others.
This is exactly the type of behaviour we try to protect our children from and how are we to set an example when we are participating in Cyber Bullying?
I do not and will not support their behaviour!
Will You??

Charity Auction Mob Wives' Drita DAvanzo Signed Everlast Leather Boxing Gloves
***100% Proceeds Benefit Youth Anti-Bullying Program***

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Big congrats to who will be on the Float of the Albanian day parade on the 23rd! Well done! 

Big things are happening for Drita this month as she arrives home from the MTV movie awards.

When mother of two and Mob Wives star Drita Davanzo is not filming, Making records or working hard to turn her clothing and cosmetic line into a success she can often be found with her fans or out and about being a fan!
This is one of the things that people love about Drita Davanzo!
Despite her own success she has remained extremely humbled and down to earth making it no secret that just like us sometimes she gets a little star struck!

Today I would like to introduce to Drita D'Avanzo the fan!

 Despite being a private person Drita has always been open about her love for music and is one person who has never forgotten the history of hip hop!

"My first favorite rapper — and always will be — is Rakim. Eric B & Rakim Paid in Full was a tape that I destroyed, that was completely wrecked and I had to re-buy," 
 "But when Biggie came into my life, it was completely over." - Drita Davanzo

 You already know Drita was a FRENCH MONTANA fan but when French Montana decided to cast Drita in the music video for his hit single "Every things a go" It was a dream come true for Drita who also appeared on the Remix track with her own self written verse!

Just recently Drita had the chance to perform live on stage with one of her all time favorite artist LiL Kim!
Drita describes her performance with LiL Kim to be the most incredible feelings she has ever had and rumour has it that Drita nailed her performance and had Kim fans going crazy!

"I really love Lil Kim and think she is crazy talented. She did things no one ever did before. She definitely is original. So for anyone that loves her like I do and always wondering what she is like I just want you to know you are loving the right person. She has a heart of gold,she is sooooo sweet and soooooo REAL" - Drita Davanzo

 Despite making the decision to ban Jersey Shore from her two children Drita is a big fan of the show and has long time friendships with a couple of the cast members.
Drita has developed a friendship with Snooki who is loyal and not shy to tweet her opinion's and support for Drita during Mob Wive episodes. Gooo Snooki!

Drita D'avanzo and Carla Facciolo pose with Enrique Iglesias at 103.5 KTU's KTUphoria at PNC Bank Arts Center on May 20, 2012 in Holmdel City, New Jersey

 Drita and SWV "Big Morning Buzz Live"

VICTORIA JUSTICE American actress, singer-songwriter, and dancer.
"If there was one person my daughter wanted me to take a pic with at the red Carpet was Victoria Justice...that's her Idol! And she was so beautiful n sweet...Im glad Aleeya looks up to her:)) Just got tickets for Aleeya to meet her...surprise Bday gift:)" - Drita Davanzo via Facebook

Joe linked up with Mob Wives/”Everything’s A Go” star Drita D’Avanzo today and tweeted the pic.”
Who tweeted "Y'all with them weird girls I only fuck with the baddest bitches in the game"

Tiki Barber
CC Sabathia

Friday, June 1, 2012


Sometimes it's easy for us as fans to forget that at the end of each day these ladies are just normal people like you and I.
 I often say "Mob wives is her OCCUPATION, but DRITA is who she is"

 Lets take a look at all the things that make Drita more than a Mob wive.

 Yes we know that she is in the process of being divorced but Drita is/was a wife, and a dam good one at that!
How many other wives do you know who will eat their husbands package? lmfao!
On a serious note, Drita spent over 10 years holding her husband down and loving him from the outside of a jail cell. 
I think her Love,Devotion and Loyalty towards her separated husband Lee shows a lot about Drita's character.
Despite being very hurt, angry and unforgiving I still believe she loves him deeply and hopefully if they are unable to be together romantically they will be able to maintain a strong friendship.
Beyond everything else Drita is a mother!
A mother of two amazing little girls who already at such a young age show what an amazing job Drita has done raising them.
It's clear to see that Drita has at an early age instilled good value's and morals into her children teaching them to have respect and be humble but also to "stand up for themselves and the people they care about"
I really commend Drita on her girls, she has done it hard over the years but has raised 2 beautiful an amazing little girls!

Drita is a friend, she takes her friendships very seriously and has had friends for over 20 years that she has NEVER had an argument with. She is loyal to those she holds close to her.
Mob wives may at times portray her as a tough little fighter but 95% of her fights growing up were due to standing up for other people who were the targets of bullying. Drita doesn't even like to fight but her morals and value's get her into situations where she is confronting a bully and we all know DRITA IS NOT ABOUT TO BACK DOWN ON A BULLY!

The below statement is from a close friend that Drita has known for 20 years and counting whom I will not name due to privacy reasons on both parties.

"Drita is not a stuck up diva and would give you the shirt off her back,She can't believe how her life has changed in a year and is doing all she can to take care of her girls. 
She loves, respects & cares about her fans. 
She's an amazing mom, person & I'm proud to call her "friend".

Drita studied to become a make-up artist and worked for various high end cosmetic companies while her husband was away.
When Drita is not filming she freelances as a make-up artist, models and is launching her very own cosmetic line.
Drita also has a clothing line for Men,Woman,Kids and even your pets which is extremely high demand with many happy customers.

  This lady was always heading for success, good on you Drita!

 Having a good time in the DJ box, I will assure you that Drita knows her music and is renouned for her daily throwback tunes on social networking site twitter.
Everyone who knows Drita has heard her throw down a rap verse or two and just recently after Rap Superstar French Montana caught a glimse of Drita throwing down a LiL Kim verse at a public appearance he contacted her and invited her to appear on the remix version of his huge hit "EVERYTHINGS A GO".

 It didnt take long for word to hit the tweet streets that Drita was a massive fan of LiL Kim and it was in this time that Drita D'avanzo's dreams came true and she had the opportunity to perform live on stage with the all time Rap icon.
A moment she will never forget!
Word has it that Drita is now working on an album which is due to hit stores later this year and from the amount of talent she has displayed I believe it will be a huge success.

              THE LOYAL DANCER
As well of her ability to DJ and rap she also does a funky running man and tends to make promises to fans that she cant break.
Always true to her word Drita had promised her fans that if the Giants won she would do the DOUGIE and as always she came through.


After 3 seasons of Mob Wives we still see Drita open to the idea of peace which I commend her on because my attitude to people who do the wrong thing by me is that "It's God job to forgive, not mine!"
I do not want to take this article to a bad place however I would like to share with you the exact conversation between Karen and Drita prior to the fight at Renee's party.

DRITA-"listen listen listen to me please! this is killing me! I'm not comfortable around you, i cannot live like this, i cant do nothing about it, i cant rewind time, i think about it all the time and it bothers me and I'm not cool with it, at all, at all" 
KAREN-"Let me tell you the problem that i'm having,i have a problem with you!"

Drita obviously has a history with Karen and for personal reasons genuinely cared about her. Drita is kind,forgiving and really needs to be careful of people like Karen because they will only ever try to bring her down and in all honesty the new addition to Mob Wives has done nothing but bring the very worst out in Karen.
Despite what some readers may believe I was really hoping to see Karen and Drita become the good friends they used to be prior to all the drama because if you go back to season 1 episode 1 you can see they would have had a really fun and outgoing friendship.

                      THE INSPIRATION
You may or may not know but thousands of people respond to Drita because through watching her they have found strength within themselves and strength to stand up to people that bully them, strength to stand up for for what they believe in and who they are. 
She gives them hope and makes them feel like they should always be who they are and express how they feel.
Drita even makes the bully's think twice! 
People all over the globe have fallen in love with Drita's "can do" attitude, she has truly captured the hearts of people from all kinds of backgrounds and circumstances!

DRITA D'AVANZO is and always will be 
"More than just a Mob Wive"
MOB WIVES Is her occupation but DRITA is who she is.....