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Hi Drita, Before I fire away and bombard you with questions I would
love to tell you that you are huge here in Australia, Your mob rolls
deep worldwide! 
I have also met some AMAZING people through your
social networking sites Face book and Twitter, I would have to say you
have some Die hard fans.....but I have to know, What is your most
memorable fan encounter?
My craziest experience besides someone crying uncontrollably when they met me was when a 90 year old man came to meet me and said it was something he had to do before he died.Bucket List. 
He said "Before I die I wanted to meet you and tell you that you are an inspiration to all single moms and you give woman hope". You teach them to stand up for themselves!"
He told me his nephew left his wife and children when they were young and was never around for them but because he watched the scenes with me and my daughter's he went to apologize to his kids because he was not there for them. 
It actually changed all of there lives in a positive way. He wished my family and I the best of luck and health and told me he wished everyone would be as real as I was. I will never ever forget what he said and yes he made me very emotional. I cried. It was an amazing experience and I have had tons of them since then but that was my first.

I understand you and your husband Lee are in the process of divorce, I
understand this must be very hard for you because despite the pain you
can tell he is and has always been a big part of your world.
how are both you and your two girls coping with this and do you
believe that there may be a chance to reconcile once he comes home?
I would not get back with Lee. I hope we can be great friends but I just know that no matter what I will make our relationship miserable because I will not be able to trust him.
Once I lose respect for someone they might as well just stay far away from me because I become such a different person. 
When I was younger my best friend slept with my boyfriend and I just never ever spoke to her again. I never thought of her either.
 I have that ability when I am angry with someone I cared for. I block them out of my mind and heart and move on. The problem with Lee is he will forever be a part of my life so I can't do that but hopefully I can gain trust and respect with him again and then we will see what goes on from there. 
Right now...I am enjoying my life and being single and dating is fun but meeting someone is not my main priority...building an empire for my daughter's is.

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be
and what would say to them?
I would love to meet Mother Teresa. I remember when I was younger I had to write about my heritage and anyone I looked up too and because Mother Teresa was also Albanian I was so excited to write about her.
I was just always be amazed on the knowing that a women like this existed in life. Incredible...just absolutely incredible.

If you were stranded on a desert Island, What three items would you
take with you?
 This is funny because I always read what would be the three things someone would bring on a deserted island and never understood why no one ever says A BOAT. lol
I would bring a BOAT,MAP,AND FOOD.

  You are well known for the "Evil Eye" which is part of the logo for
your cosmetic and accessory line and also something you have tattooed on the back of your neck?
 If you see any Albanian kid running around they most likely have an evil eye pin on  It was something that my mom use to put on me as a kid and all my cousins would wear it. 
I never understood what it meant until I got older and then realized it was not just an Albanian thing and an Albanian belief. That many many countries have the same beliefs. 
The way it was explained to me was it wards of Evil. It wards of jealousy and hate.
If you have someone before you that with any bad intentions and they look at it...then whatever negativity they feel or wish on you...will not work. So it really is for protection. I actually am going to make an evil eye jewelry line and I have so many pieces of evil eye jewelry that I figured might as well tattoo it on me. But my tattoo is actually my EYE drawn...its pretty cool.

You are well known for your one liners and quotes, do you have any
personal favorites that have inspired you?
 I always  like to use analogy's when I describe how I feel ever since I was little.
I'm glad my fans appreciate my quotes and one liner's. They make me laugh when they post them. 
My favorite quote is When trust is out the door..then so am I. I strongly believe loyalty and honesty.

If you could speak as one unit to your entire fan base, what would
you want them to know?
 I love love love my fans. I honestly can say they helped me go through a very hard time in my life. They truly show me love and support and I don't think they realize how much I pay attention and appreciate it. I actually wish I can thank each and everyone of them individually but unfortunately I can't but I love reading there comments and I do appreciate there support. 

what CD would I find in your car stereo right now?
Adele (someone like you is one of my fave songs written)

what is your current ring tone?
 My ring tone right now is Twisted by Keith Sweat

whats your worst habit?

If you were written about in the newspaper, on the front page, what
would the headline say?
 I have been written about and have been on the front of the Staten Island Advance my whole life. One of the headlines said how Drita eats,drinks,and breaths Soccer:) 
I was a 3 time All Star and well known for my soccer skills. I think now the headline would say "Mob Wives season 2 ended now Drita can be stress free for a minute". lol

 Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see
play the lead role as you?
 I think Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba should play me in a movie......well my friends always say that. I say The Hulk should play me and call it a day. lol

I am really humbled by this question but I have to ask......Karen
and Ramona? Is there or will there ever be a chance of a friendship
and how have things been since the reunion?
 No, I would never be friends with them. I do not have anyone on the show that I grew up with. 
Renee and Carla grew up together and Karen and Ramona grew up together but if you had the chance to meet my real friends they do not talk shit about me all day everyday and I can't even count an argument that I have had with them. 
Bottom line is I only surround myself with positive people. Since the Reunion I have not seen Ramona and if I did I would probably leave so I don't end up doing something stupid. As far as Karen goes......we don't hang out and call each other but I have seen her and we are civil and cool with each other which I am happy about.

Recently you announced that you were unsure as to whether or not you
would return to Mob Wives for a third season to which your fans got
behind you even starting a petition? what is your response to this and have you made any decisions?
 LOL I fans are the best. I have no intention on leaving the entertainment world but did not decide on 3rd season yet. Its just not an easy decision to make but I will post on what it is I decide to know so my fans know. I would never let them down.

Recently you released a remix to French Montana's single "Every things
a go" and also perform live on stage with your long time Idol LiL Kim,
Can you tell us about about how you fell into the hip hop scene and
what it has been like working with these incredible artist?
 I actually have always been a true hip hop fan. I do listen to everything except country 
I have a love for rapping and have been doing it since I was really young. Writing lyrics and rapping is just a passion of mine. I have met several Rap stars in the past way before Mob Wives like Diddy, Gangstarr and Wu Tang. 
My ex boyfriend was actually in a Wu Tang video. That is kind of why my friend Nick from Bad Boy said to try doing a remix. He knew I loved rapping and can. Everyone I have met has been incredible and so good to me. I feel very very lucky

  Through doing this blog I have come to meet some people who have
known you for 20 years,They speak very highly of you and tell me;

"Drita is not a stuck up diva and would give you the shirt off her
back,She can't believe how her life has changed in a year and is doing
all she can to take care of her girls.
She loves, respects & cares about her fans."
She's an amazing mom, person & I'm proud to call her "friend"
 That is true. I would give you the shirt off my back. I was and always am nice to everyone. I was always known for smiling and being friendly but what I was most known for was sticking up for kids in school that could not stick up for themselves. 
I did beat up a lot of bullies in my life because I can't stand them. I never ever judge anyone. Ever. 
I treat everyone equal. 
Can you tell us about the misconceptions of who you really are and
about the judgments passed on you as a Fighter/Thug etc?
As far as those that say thug...fighter etc. They don't know me and those are the judgmental bullies I am talking about. I am extremely generous and that's probably why I don't have as much as I should but giving and helping someone makes me happy and so I will keep doing what makes me happy. 
As for fighting I don't condone it but I refuse to be bullied and I fight for what I believe in. Period.Case Closed.

Celebrity crush?
Favorite colour?
Favorite food?
Favorite movie?
Brave heart (Not crazy about Mel Gibson but that is my fave movie)

Those questions were for G.P, I asked them for General Purpose lol 

and to finish off.......I have an obligation to ask on behalf of
your down under mob, do you have any plans to visit us here in
 I would love to visit Australia!! And wrestle some 
yea right...I'm so kidding...I'm scared shit of any reptile...including a 2 ounce lizard!
 See I'm not so tough after all.

Thank you for lending your time, I can only imagine how busy you are
with the girls, The show and your Cosmetic line. I can't begin to tell you how glad I am to have had this opportunity.
Thank you!

If you cry, I cry.....
If you laugh, I laugh....
I have your back 100% at all times
But if ever you decide to come to Australia and wrestle a Crocodile
Just Sayin :)
But in saying that you make the best looking Dundee I have seen!



♥ Drita's Mob's message from Drita DAvanzo ♥
"Your the Looks like your blog is a success...Im happy for did a great job.
By the way if I didn't thank you on the blog...then thank really is amazing:)"


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  6. hi drita, i admire your strength and was wondering if you have advice for me about how to stay strong in the worst situations

    1. Always remember that everything happens for a reason. Im sure you hear it often but don't believe it because it is hard to believe in anything positive when something goes bad. But you have to believe that things will work out for you in the best way possible even if you are going through the hardest time of your life.Don't question why did this happen because there is no answers.Stay focused and keep a positive outlook and you will bring only positive energy around you:) Its hard but it works.xoxoxo Drita

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  12. Melissa MclaughlinJune 15, 2012 at 1:30 PM

    I LOVE Drita!!!!! She reminds me soooo much of myself it's crazy!!!! Her heart of gold....her hating bullies & sticking up for the under dog....her giving the shirt off her back....her LOVE of hip hop/Rap.....her love of rapping....single mom.....2 kids....a cheating man....just soo much....If I grew up with her we would have been best friends. I hoestly do not have many friends because they were all back stabbing bitches. I would love to meet her one day!!! You are a wonderful person Drita and keep doing what you do!!! Much love and GOD Bless!!!! A huge fan in Charlotte NC!! But, a NY native!! XOXO

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