Sunday, October 21, 2012


VH1 Mob wives star Drita Davanzo is many things but one of the most stand out traits is her ability to overcome and rise above obstacle's.
The separated mother of two has never been shy of tough times and struggle so when she found herself in the position of being able to help others she was the first to jump at the opportunity to create "SINGLE BUT NOT ALONE", A charity aimed at providing much needed assistance to single parent families who are faced with the day to day struggle that Drita herself has been faced with throughout her life.

With the sponsorship of MHP 8 Hour Alert, Single but not alone is able to provide families with much needed Household Items, Food and School Supplies for children to limit the stress of struggling parents.

Recently Drita teamed up with Nascar Driver David Ragan at the Talladega Super Speedway to compete and raise funds in the 500 mile Nascar Sprint Cup Series where they placed 4th and raised over $5000 for Single but not alone.

Still in it's early stages the Charity is set to boom as one of America's much needed and resourceful organisations and with the continued support of MHP the results will be life changing for many.

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at Drita's photoshoot for MHP's new Fit & Lean Pudding and 8 hour Alert! Buy MHP's breakthrough energy solution and a portion of your purchase will go to help contribute to Drita's charity for single mothers.
A portion of every purchase is donated to Single but not alone.



  1. Drita, thank you for staying strong and assisting families in need. I was a single Mother after I caught my husband of 16 years cheating. He disappeared and never payed child support (Creep). But I like you am an Aquarius I wont let a cheater back into my life nor will I let my children suffer because their father didnt support. It was hard but I love my kids and wont let things take me down. You are an inspiration to many, and are successful in your own right, good job. Take care and thank you

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  3. melissa_sipe@yahoo.comJanuary 30, 2013 at 11:57 AM

    Hi Drita, I have been submitting requests on the singlebutnotalone web site, also emailed the email address on the website, but no responce as of yet. I am a big fan of Mob Wives and of you in particular. our lives have many similarities. I am a single mother and pretty much have been alone since day one. My daughters father was in out of jail and trouble for the time he was around. I also just in the recent past was diagnosed with breast cancer, which took me out of working, which almost resulted in me and my daughter being homeless. I am cancer free now and back working, but I just can not seem to dig my out of the cancer hole I was in. Despite everyting my daughter has excelled in everything she does. My daughter is an 8th grade cheerleader, and also a member of Advanced Theatre and Advanced Choir. My daughter was casted as the White Rabbit in the musical "Alice in Wonerland", where she sings a solo on stage. I could not of asked for a more wonderful child. I need assistance for my daughter to be able to make it possible for her and of course mom to keep an eye on her to go an Advanced Theatre New York trip. I am always just a few days from having my car re-possed, or my Electricity cutt off, so paying for a trip to NewYork is way out of my budget. This theatre trip in extremely important to my dughter and frankly the whole class, a great oppurtunity for the kids to see a Broasway show. The trip is in June, please let know if your orginaztion would be willing to assist me. Drita, I too lived in the projects at one time as a kid, and I was pretty street tough, later I started kick boxing, and I was mainly interested in Boxing. Plus, I have changed the whole way I deal with situations because I want to be a good role model for my daughter, so I have mellowed quite a bit. These are just a few things we have in common, but if we started to talk it is eerryy how much we have in common. You were in soccer, I was in competetive gymnastics. I will stop because I could go on for ever. Thanks for reading my request, please contact me either way.

  4. I know you are extremely busy, but I would like to know if you would even consider helping my little girl. I will go to the site again and hopefully I will hear from you, or your staff. Thanks!

    1. I guess you coul say I am going to try and aggresively have you read my reauest. This oppurtunity is to awesome to give up on, so when I heard of your charity and besides thinking what a great person and mother you are to create a charity for single mothers. I thought that your charity would consider my request. I am just not sure if my information is getting to the right place. I would think the website would send me a return receipt response. I hope I hear either from you, or someone from single but not alone. Again Thank you for creating this website!

  5. This actually is a fan made and run blog, so Drita may not read your request. I would say your best bet is to contact Drita through her actual website. Best of Luck.