Wednesday, June 13, 2012


For those of you who know follow Drita Davanzo you would know that despite being in the spotlight of Hit TV Show Mob Wives Drita is actually a very private person who rarely goes into too much personal detail so when she announced she is in the process of writing an autobiography on her life it sent fans into a frenzy!

Since Mob Wives aired to television we have seen so many people come from out of the wood works recounting their personal stories of how Drita defended them growing up.
 More recently we saw  send the following message to Drita Via Twitter :

 It is stories such as these that make us realize that what you see is what you get with Drita and she has never changed who she is to suit or impress anyone.
It also makes fans want to know more about Drita and how her childhood and past has shaped her to become that stand up person she is today!
 I know I for one will be purchasing a copy of Drita's story because I have no doubts that it will be as real and as raw as Drita Davanzo is.

She is working with author DOUGLAS CENTURY who is the author of Barney Ross: The Life of a Jewish Fighter; Street Kingdom: Five Years Inside the  Franklin Avenue Posse and the coauthor of the New York Times best-sellers Take down: The Fall of the Last Mafia Empire and Under and Alone.  He has written frequently for The New York Times among many other publications.

Good luck Drita and we cant wait to read your story! 



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    D.K. here ,hi all .i find this to be a much simpler way for us to really get to know the woman not the persona or assumed or implied character haters want us to see ,and a less crazy way for Drita to put out most if not all our answers (the truth and to disarm the lies told about her n her life )about our favorite mob"WIFE" . why not ? good to know she has a reputable writer helping her good luck and look forward to reading your life . keep doing you .its all good.

  2. Joanne Here, I am a massive Fan of Drita and live is Australia. I think her Autobiography will be amazing as we will finally beable to read her every thought and experience. So happy she is doing this!! Much love from Australia, Drita!! WE LOVE YOU!!!<3 Joanne

  3. when did you put the truth about your day smoking pot the dayd you hanging out with August that's the real Drita