Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Love her or hate her the one thing you cannot deny about Carla Facciolo is that she is a beautiful, intelligent, classy and a extremely loyal individual who knows who she is and stands up for what she believes in but most importantly she is an incredible mother.

 For two seasons of Mob Wives she has carried herself with Dignity, Pride and Respect. 
She has always held her ground and handled situations better than most woman would!
I can honestly say I dont believe I would have been able to handle the conversation where Karen started talking about "Mother Fu$#@# Pussy's" as well as Carla did.
I'm pretty sure I would not have even made it halfway through that conversation without wrapping her in a straight jacket and giving her some strong pills before sending her for a mental assessment.

In more recent news It seems to me that it doesn't and never will matter what Carla Facciolo does she will always be the target of bitter and nasty attacks from Karen,Ramona and the Mob Wives Blog spot!
Dont believe me?
 Mob Mistress is currently running a pole asking readers to vote for the Nickname that makes them giggle the most?
Below are a list of choice's they have given readers.
Drita D'avanzo a.k.a. Drita the Dumb
Carla "Fuckin" Facciolo
Carla "Hot Coochie" Facciolo
Ramona "The Rizz" Rizzo
Ramona Rizzo - FeisTY

Notice how Drita and Carla have nicknames that are more than offensive and can be extremely hurtful yet Ramona has been given something kinda sassy and cute.

For those of you who still have doubts as to why both Drita and Carla have chosen not to follow their blogs perhaps it's because they are simply incapable of writing a COMPLETE positive article in support of either of the girls and whenever they do blog on Drita or Carla they seem to have 2 negative things to say per 1 positive.

 Don't believe me again?
Below is a perfect example of what I am talking about where a compliment is always sure to be followed by an insult.

 This was taken from a recent article written on Carla.
Also I would like to add that they mentioned Carla had blocked them from twitter however they used the below photo which was taken from Carla's twitter account and labeled it "property of Mob wives Blog" and credited the photo to Carla's twitter!

"She could show a few 20 year olds a thing or two when it comes to having & maintaining a rocking body.  It's hard to believe she's the mother of twins.  I have to admit my 8 year old could teach her a thing or two when it comes to the English language.  *shrugs*  Not everyone has brains & beauty."

I don't get it!
Are you mad because your husband gets more of a kick out of Carla in a Bikini than he does from you in your granny undies?

 I have said this before and I will say it once again, I believe their blog is based on quantity of site viewers as opposed to quality of writing.

Recently a random tweet was sent from their blogger to Carla asking her "How she likes Love Majewski's sloppy seconds"

I have never in my my life seen such a nasty, cowardly and disrespectful group of people.
That's exactly like tweeting Angelina Jolie to ask how she likes Jennifer Aniston sloppy seconds.
Who does that?

On a high note though......The men Carla acquaints herself with can Grope,Slap or whatever my backside in whichever way they shall desire haha!

To conclude my blog today I would just like to bring it back to the fact that Carla has become the target of a nasty attack and certainly does not deserve to be cyber bullied by people who sit behind a screen and hide behind fake profile photo's while they actively try to destroy the reputations of others.
This is exactly the type of behaviour we try to protect our children from and how are we to set an example when we are participating in Cyber Bullying?
I do not and will not support their behaviour!
Will You??

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  1. Drita, Carla and Renee and BIG ANG r my favs!!!!

  2. They are all beautiful girls but Ramona just talks the talk, she doesn't walk the walk

  3. hi all. D.K. here, there will always be the evil hags as story books have shown us through the years as young girls growing up .the queen to sleeping beauty, the step mother n ugly step sisters to Cinderella ect ect.. then the mean girls of high school who were made popular by their skills that thrill in the back seat n under the bleachers, who were just cute enough to get a boys attention but not classy enough to keep a mans appreciative heart... but as we know the good eventually outlasts evil as Drita n Carla have shown . the stress of their haggish ways will age their jealous features and drive them mad as the classic beauties live in happiness ignoring the hateful, while the hateful shriveled up and go mad from their compulsive ways. the only company will be other dried up hags with their needful obsession to hate .so blogg on m.o.b.wives writtersn bloggers or should i say hate on ?(as i have stated befor) why this obsession? because of the secret lust n longing to be or have the BEAUTY and talent, all that come with it ...the very thing they so hate because they can not be or have what they want , so they wish to destroy it ,thinking in some way they will be able to claim the beauty as well as its glory and in reality they just keep getting uglier n poorer .. so to the highschool dinkle berry cling ons your talk is ugly and cheap and so are you n it shows .

  4. Well said i have dropped my jaw many times and how pathetic, down right rude and disgusting there blogs are!!
    The way they word things are a joke like 'we all know poor ramna tried to break up the fight' ....seriously its because karen threw these b***** a bone a while bak so they have some loyalty to her and raggety ass cousin.
    They even try to say VH1 side with them because of that soap opera add pulling the piss ON ALL OF THEM......really and when you try get on there and defend drita and carla or call them on it they dont publish your comment!!
    Thank god for this blog spot with its real fans and bloggers not friends of the cast making fake profiles up like over there!!
    It is hard to take the high road maybe one day they will finally find the way