Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Drita Davanzo is famous for many things but one of the things people respect most about her is that from a very young age she has never been afraid or ashamed to stand up for what she believes in.
Drita has thrown down some heavy right hooks in her lifetime but what some may not know is that the majority of those right hooks were thrown in the direction of a school bully while defending the underdog.
Since Mob Wives aired to television we have seen so many people come from out of the wood works recounting their personal stories of how Drita defended them growing up.
 More recently we saw   send the following message to Drita Via Twitter :

Drita has kept it no secret that one of her biggest dislikes is bullying and along with her Charity "Single But Not Alone" she works very hard to support the cause and promote awareness.
It is these strong value's instilled in Drita that we are now starting to see in her Children Aleeya and Gizelle.

Recently I can across a news story/video where a 68 year old grandmother was bullied by the children on a school bus and driven to tears. 
I was disgusted and appalled by this video in fact I could not watch more than 30 seconds of it.
The response and support for this lady was incredible, Society set out to raise $5000 for her and ended up with an overwhelming $300,000.
 It is these random acts of kindness which restore my personal faith in humanity!

After watching a few stories on this I found You Tube suggesting video's titled "BULLY GETS OWNED" and I began to watch some of them.
I wanted to share them with you because again, It restores faith that there are good people out there.

This video speaks for itself but makes me laugh because who thinks to do such a thing haha!

This video went viral last year after Casey fought back

The boy in the black by the fence was being bullied and the kid in the red shirt randomly steps up and takes care of it.


  1. LOVE IT!!! My seven-year-old son has had to deal with some bully-ish situations, and thankfully they've been resolved without him being hurt, so far. I just hope there are kids who might step in the next time it happens, if it does, and that my son will remember how it feels to be the target of a bully and never let it happen to anyone else. You're an amazing human being, Drita. Never change. <3

  2. I was bullied but I was like Drita. I fought not just for myself but others too. I live in country town with bigots. I'm lgbt and I always stand up for those that need it and have taught others to do so. I stood up to homophobic teacher's and administration as well as students. No matter how much detention I got. No one deserves to be bullied. I didn't just throw my fists but my words too. I go for the kill verbally and physically when facing a bully. They don't like to have dished to them. Everyone should stand up for themselves and others I have one nephew that's 18 months and another on the way. I only hope I can instill these values on them as their aunt.

  3. I am a very strong advocate against bullies.... I was bullied in the 5th grade. It was 2 girls and if one of them wasn't 6 foot....I might have been able to do something. They bullied me and my friend. Well, after that year, we all went seperate ways. In highschool the smaller of the 2 ended up in my friends school and she said something smart to her one day and my friend knocked her on her ass. So, she transerred out....to where you ask?? Yup....MY highchool...LOL.....well....the first day I saw her in the hall, she proceeded to run her mought at me, I turned around and knocked the shit outta her.....I always stood up for the underdogg after the fifth grade....and after that day I knocked her out....I never had a problem again. My grandaughter was recently bullied on the bus, she's 7, the other girl is probablly 9 or 10. My granbaby is tiny....but fiesty.....but even though my granbaby spoke her mind, that didn't stop the girl from bullying her. SO, when she finally told us, her mom got on the bus the next day and "handled" it....I just could never understand where these kids get off thinking they have the right to bully someone. As far as I'm concerned....they are nothing but cowards!!!