Tuesday, February 12, 2013

settling all scores and staying out of all wars

Drita's Mob Blog is back in business!
After a relocation over the Christmas holidays and a long wait for an Internet and phone line transfer I am back!

For two seasons of Mobwives we have seen Drita Davanzo Laugh, Cry and throw the best Right Hook reality TV has ever seen but one thing we are seeing during season 3 of Mobwives is her desperation to steer clear of all the Drama!
In order to avoid conflict and drama we even recently saw Drita settle her issue's with Ramona.
This was something I never in million years saw coming yet felt a weight lift from both ladies when it did.
Drita is settling all scores and staying out of all wars.

I can only "Assume" but it seems although Drita has made peace with all her personal and work related demons triggering an overwhelming ability to brush off the unnecessary stress.
In my opinion.......It's a working winner!

She seems to be much happier during this season and it's such a great change for her fans to see because I'm not kidding when I say that when she cries fans all around the world pull out their tissue boxes and cry with her. #Guilty

With a recent Birthday it seems as though things may be falling into place for Drita and all I can say is that it's working for her!

Could this have something to do with the return of Lee?

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  1. i always thought Drita and Lucifer had a lot in common. The way they think about their children and protect them. The way they both love their husbands that are in jail and of course the way the can both knock the block off the best of them. I was glad to see them make peace and I think as long as Renee is out of the picture for a little while it will stay that way. is Lee coming back next episode?? sure looked like it to me in the previews!!!!