Thursday, January 21, 2016

If Looks Could Kill

Through watching Mobwives this week I learned two things:
1. That Carla Facciolo's Air Time is VH1's way of compensating her for being assaulted by Love Majewski during filming back in season 3! 
Clever Move Carla!!

I imagine the terms of Carla's new contract would read something like this:
Dear Vh1, In addition to employing me (Again) I expect that you make me the focus of season 6 by forcing viewers to watch more than 5 minutes of me per episode.
In return, I will not continue to seek legal advice regarding that one time at Band Camp when Love Majewski gave me a pounding.
Kind Regards
Carla Mean Girl Facciolo.
I do have to say regarding Carla that this year she has come back with a really High Horse attitude.
Sadly and unpredictably she has become a Mean Girl and I liked her much better before when she had some class and dignity.
I cannot help but see her as a Sheep who wants to sit at the Cool Kids Table.
It's almost although she didn't just start hanging with the In Crowd but almost althought she wants to be the In Crowd!
Be careful Mobwives because Carla has come back with a Leader of the Pack mentality and she's coming for YOU!

The second thing I have learned this week is that Newcomer Marissa Jade was confused when attending auditions and was never told that Keeping Up With The Kardashians already had their Kim!
This should be interesting!

Being Drita's Mob I am going to stop wasting your time and get right into it!
Lets talk about the Karen/Drita argument scene.
I have to admit that after watching this particular scene I am hurting for Our Girl Drita and here is why:
After watching the last 2 Episodes I think it has become obvious that despite being a Reality Show there is a lot of interference by production in order to make it the show it is today.
I have been told by numerous Reality TV  Stars that there are times during filming where producers will rattle a few cages in order to create a reaction.
This is what I believe happened in this scene.
I may be wrong, Don't take my word for it but here is what I saw in this scene:
Looking at the way in which Drita responded and held herself during this conversation I believe Drita was expecting a different type of scene if you know what I mean.
As she stood there shaking her head in disbelief and somewhat betrayal I believe it wasn't until Drita arrived to film that she realized she was the last to know it was a "Fight Scene".
Drita's facial expression have always told her story and during this scene she could barley even look at Karen which told me she felt ambushed and cornered into a scene she had no idea was due to take place until that moment.
I perceived Drita to be genuinely shocked and really taken back by Karen's choice to play into Producers and give them what they asked for.
To be honast, I almost sensed that maybe Drita was somewhat hurt by this move.
I don't know much about the Lifestyle or The Girls personally but I would assume that they all have a mutual Understanding/Respect in place between one another defining topics and things that are strictly off limits.
As I said earlier, I may be very wrong and you probably shouldn't take my word for it but what I took away from this scene was that Karen crossed a line and it only took Drita a second to work it out.
I even caught her smile and shake her head like "What the actual F$CK" as she left the scene!
I am just a fan and this is just my opinion.

I am curious to know if anyone else saw what I saw during the scene?

A lot of people have been asking where to Get Drita's clothing and Jewelry from as she often wears it during Mobwives.
In this particular scene Drita is wearing a Lady Boss By Drita Top and a Piece from her Evil Eye Collection which is worn worldwide and known to welcome protection and luck.
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  1. If you're talking about season 3 yeah I believe Drita was played & she realizes she was played. As for what you said about Carla, that was some cold blooded crap & you're no better than other one other-sided blogger. You were completely out of line.

    1. If you don't like what Drita fans comment about...don't read it!

    2. What I'm getting from the recent episodes is...Karen cannot form a sentence without Drita's name in it. I truly believe Karen is jealous of Drita and her life! Karen mentioned in this weeks espisode that she has a "good" man, and that Storm is a better man than Lee?? Is she for real? She went to his place of business to talk to him about their relationship in a calm and respectful way. He walked away from her, and left her sitting there??? So, he's a better man for that? He hrought a woman to HER house, and he's a good man? LMAO. As far as Carla is concerned...she's NOT real! Drita was right when she called them fake!!! Karen & Renee hated Carla for a long time...they trashed her and fought with her. soon as Karen found out that Drita & Carla weren't friends anymore, she became besties with Carlo! So did Renee!! Also..I have noticed that anyone Drita likes or becomes friends with...Karen gets on her band wagon and tries to destroy the friendships. A good example is...Brittany is "suppose" to be Karen's good friend. I heard Karen say this many times. Brittany started to like and become friends with Drita, and all of a sudden, Karen has an issue with Brittany! I KNOW what I'm seeing. On the other hand...Marissa isn't too fond of Drita, and Karen LOVES Marissa!! So, (in Karen's words" at the end of the day...Drita is right. THEY ARE FAKE!

    3. Donna...the blogger is was NOT out of line. She had an opinion, just like you have one.

  2. Why does this Donna comment when all she does is whinge about the blogs.....don't read them then!!

  3. What I noticed was when drita walked up to Karen in that scene she paused like to hug her in front of her then realised Karen wasn't up for that....I think u are right cause it was weird how drita went from 0 to 100 real quick......and I get what drita is saying.......they treated Carla so bad the reunion they called her a racist and a Doberman pincher looking bitch.....
    I will admit there were times drita didn't defend Carla when she could have.
    This show is manipulated and Drita made that comment about Jenn graziano she wants money and success so she is the puppet master and the show can be edited in a way to make it look how they want.
    I'm not diggin the new girl marissa she has a stick up her ass and needs to realise she isn't all that as for her man o.z that 'did his time like a man' the asshole also punched a father of 2 in a road rage incident and killed the guy back in 2005.....then tried to sue the government for 2 million only getting $7500.
    There is team Karen and team drita......mobwives blog is very bias even though they say there not but and they hated Carla now there over there backing her.......
    I get what drita is saying she made up with the girls and there cordial but Carla is flat out hanging with them all the time..... I did hear they came close through the whole contract dispute that drita re negged on.
    It's all he says she says at this's entertaining t.v but I, hoping it changes course soon cause it's boring as just being a witch hunt on drita.

  4. are you serious? drita showed up to fight, her outfit said it all! karen kept saying to her lower your voice, lets talk. all that came outta drita's mouth was you wanna fight? you wanna fight. and karen told her you dont wanna go there again. now what she meant could mean a lot of things. who knows. but dritaa knew that it wasnt going to be a good talk. i know this is driat's mob and you wanna be all on drita's side, but drita has not been the best friend like she says she was. she talked some mad junk about carla and also spreading her business all over staten island. come on. its a two way street. ive been down this raod before myself and there are always three sides to the story, your's, mine and the truth. remember that.

    1. if a person wears sweats, they're looking to fight? WOW...judging someone by the way they dress is really classy! Get over it.

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    3. You, me and NOBODY knows what was going through Drita or Karen's minds that day. They have a lot of history together, a lot of things none of us know about. Any talk between Karen & Drita "on the show" is almost never good. I LOL when I read some of the comments here, where some ppl say that Drita was ready to fight because she was wearing yoga pants!!! But...Karen went to the meet wearing a dress, so they knew she went there "just to talk"...FOR REAL???? I never knew what a person wore determined if they wanted to fight or not?? How freakin funny is that?

      I watched this show from day one...and Karen seems to have Drita or Lee's name coming out of her mouth with almost every episode. IMO...Karen does seem to be obsessed with Drita and her life with Lee. Of course Drita is going to react to that! Karen doesn't like when ppl talk bad about her family. We ALL saw what happened when NatD tried that. Yet, she has no prob trashing Lee. I NEVER ever once saw Drita put down Storm, Karen's dad or anyone in Karen's family. Has anyone here? But...Karen puts Lee down. He is Drita's he's family. What's fair is fair!

      I also never saw where Drita wasn't a good friend to Carla? She always defended Carla when Karen, Renee and Ramona wanted to beat the crap out of her, or when they talked bad about her? To be fair..Carla did the same for Drita. I was a Carla fan, along with Drita...for many seasons. Not anymore...she's too fake!! Too eager to believe anything anyone says about Drita. Like at the parade...when "Love" told Carla and the other girls that outright lie about Drita. I couldn't believe how Carla sucked that up. AND, how Karen went right along with it, and NOT one of her "suppose to be" friends didn't defend her. Yes...Drita was right when she said they were all fake. Carla being number 1 on that list...I'm sorry, I don't sugar coat things, I tell it like I see it. Carla made a 360 degree turn, she changed a lot, acting like WTF Drita did to her! Accusing Drita of the very same things she does.

      Drita talking "mad junk" about Carla is a result from Carla doing the same. AND, a result of listening and believing what others whisper in their ears. As far as Drita spreading Carla's business all over SI...we ALL heard that from Carla on the show...ONLY! Unless someone here or watching the show are good friends with Drita, and heard it from her one knows if that's true or not.

      Many things that Karen, Carla and Renee accuse Drita of doing...they themselves do! Talk about calling the kettle black! Some ppl say Drita talks a lot of crap...but doesn't "act" on? What do ppl want? An all out rumble between grown women?? I give Drita a lot of props for not acting on it. I do not like when they get physical with one another. IMO again...I see Drita keeping it real...she hasn't changed one bit, and that's why I'm still a Drita fan. She did say she was focusing on her family and her personal life this season, and she was trying to do that. She stayed away from some of the events they had many times. And then she gets trashed talked about for not showing up??

      IMO...these two new girls...Marissa & Brittany are the one's who're stirring the pot, who're starting big trouble, making it hard for Drita & all the original girls to stay out of the drama. They keep running their mouths...back & forth blabbing about things they know nothing about! I did see Carla say something similar in this weeks episode, maybe she's seeing the "real light"?? Who knows...maybe ALL the girls will see this to be true? Can't wait for next weeks episode.

  5. I saw that drita turned up for a physical fight.Karen wanted to talk. When karen told drita she didnt want to fight dritas face was like oh! So what do we do now? She couldnt handle an adult conversation and i thought karen handled the situation very well.

    1. WOW! You saw that? You must be good at reading minds.

  6. I saw that drita turned up for a physical fight.Karen wanted to talk. When karen told drita she didnt want to fight dritas face was like oh! So what do we do now? She couldnt handle an adult conversation and i thought karen handled the situation very well.

  7. I would like to clear up after speaking to someone who knows O.Z very well that it wasn't him in the road rage incident it was mistaken identity. Apparently he has been with Marissa 2 years now..that's a serious To put out there and it shows how wrong the Internet can be....
    Renee really pisses me off.......she acts like she is The Don.......she nobody but a spoilt drama loving unloyal fame grabbing .......her company mob candy bombed so bad I use to visit that site all the time and the stuff changed so dramatically. It made sense when drita said Renee didn't have to pay her first bill till 5 years ago.....cause the stuff she gets upset about I'm thinking girl really.....

  8. I have to agree that DRITA showed up to fight. Karen was in a dress not a tank top and yoga pants. Drita escalated the argument and kept screaming you wanna fight. I mean for a mother of 2 she needs to calm down. Karen kept saying no we need to talk civil. I think Drita's karma has arrived after 5 seasons

    1. You really crack me up "Anonymous". Drita shows up in yoga pants and YOU assume she went there to fight? that has to be the funniest and most ridiculous statement I evet heard.

  9. I don't blame Drita one bit for keeping an opened mind (ears n eyes,too) to unexpected surprises. She knows That Game by now and who doesn't want to beat someone at their own game? Editing is a magical craft, no? To conveniently portray Karen as a Lady after running her mouth about what she was going to do to Drita if she called her Fake to her face .. nice try, but it's quite laughable. Renee n her sister ARE the turd stirrers lol Otherwise VH1 would've cancelled long before now n Drita would've had her own show already. They want Drita punished for not sticking up for renee the past 2 seasons. Any time someone crosses a Sister, a new addition appears to attack her in the next season .. Right, Carla? Right, Natalie G? C'mon people - hold the manipulative behavior to its rightful owners

    1. Well..Drita DID tell Karen to her face that she was fake, she also told Renee. So much for crap talking lol. Neither of them did a thing to Drita.

  10. @susan testa ur right......the show is manipulated by the grazianos and they are alwYs going to try and keep it so renee is on top. U only have to listen to the interview Love did to realise how bad Renee is. She is one of those friends that doesn't give a dam about anyone else but herself....the heyday for the mob is well and truly over she can't seem to move on.
    This new marissa girl is the worst.....she has no personality and isn't all that. She acts like a spoilt brat and is embarrassing herself. When she sat with Karen and acted like she couldn't remember Britney name even Karen looked at her like......girl what.
    I hope we get to enjoy dritas story lines this year and the who.e season isn't just the others pushing her buttons

    1. I have to agree with ya on "Marissa" Maria. All we hear from her is how tough she is, and how much she loves herself?? I posted another comment on agreeing with Drita calling them "fake". If I'm not mistaken...didn't Renee get baptized to "cleanse" herself from the "demons" she claims were inside of her? could have fooled me, because I still see those "demons" LOL

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