Monday, September 17, 2012


As Drita's Mob fast approaches it's first year of being online I wanted to take you on "My Personal Journey"  and give you all a small insight into Drita's Mob and the other sites to which I have created in support of Drita Davanzo.

Drita's Mob currently has close to 80 000 fans who both follow and support the site which is something I had never expected.
When I created Drita's Mob is was more of a personal place to vent my thoughts however it has now become a major part of who I am and what I do.
Through my loyalty to Drita I have made many friends and also obtained an exclusive interview with Drita herself which is and always will be my biggest and proudest accomplishment.
I am not a writer nor a qualified journalist, I am simply a mother of 4 children who took my support for Drita and turned it into a public persona.
Through Drita I found the courage to stand up for what I believe in and do something I enjoy which has ultimately led me to places I never dreamed possible.

At this point in time I have created a total of 6 sites which are all aimed at supporting Drita which include:

I am simply "Just a Fan" in fact I have never met nor spoken to Drita yet spend my days interacting with her fans, making quoted pictures and trying to find fresh new news to share with everyone.

I take pride in what I do and love being able to selflessly support someone for no benefit other than to see them succeed.

I was once told that "The most expensive gift you can give someone is not money nor is it gold, Instead it is your time because it has come from the heart"

On a personal not to Drita, What I do comes from a place of good and It is my only hope that you find success and happiness for both yourself and your children.

During my time with Drita's Mob I have come head to head with many Karen and Ramona fans who ultimately have become followers and friends because at the end of the day I personally do not like conflict and I chose to respect that we are different.

One person in particular has become a close friend and I'd like to tell you how this has occurred.

I tweeted something that was seen by a Ramona fan as offensive, Sandy then tweeted me back and just as things were starting to heat up I pulled back because I realized it was silly to get into heated arguments over people "We don't even know" but both feel strongly enough to publicly support.

I told her I respect the fact that we both had strong opinions and were willing to stand up for what we believe but refused to be nasty and cruel to someone who is "Just a fan like me".
The next day I had tweeted her to say hello to which she was shocked because she could not understand why I was being nice!
My response was simple, We are all fans and I'm not going to argue with someone who feels as strongly for Ramona as I do for Drita. It is awesome that we were both passionate about our choice to support but I prefer to debate rather than argue.

My Friend Sandy

We have since become great friends who chat on a regular basic and having her in my life has made me a better person so to Sandy E......"Thank you because the next part of what I'm about to talk about was strongly influenced by our scenario."

Yes I am Drita's Mob and I support Drita Davanzo but as my social networking sites have grown so to has my way of thinking.
Although 90% of my article's are positive and completely aimed at supporting Drita there have been times where I have responded to certain things and Blogged not so nice things about some of the other cast members (Karen and Ramona)

As I mentioned above, Sandy is a Ramona fan who has followed Drita's Mob because she has chosen to remain neutral which has taught me that despite not always being able to stay neutral I should always try to perceive things with an open mind and respect the dignity of others because I do not personally know them therefore who am I to judge.

During the off season of Mob wives I have had time to reassess my personal standing and have come to the conclusion that I do not wish to be the type of writer who slams the credibility and dignity of those I do not know.
Keeping in mind this is Drita's Mob blog and I will continue to support Drita minus the slamming of Karen and Ramona.
In saying I will continue to support Drita 100% however will use skills to support Drita without the slams.
My objective is to give readers a positive and neutral place for Drita fans to read and show support for Drita.
At the end of day all the Mob wives are mothers who are working their backsides off trying to support their children and cope with the aftermath of their lifestyle, That I respect.
I in the future welcome the opportunity to bring you positive articles on ALL the cast members because #MyTruth is that I do not dislike any of the ladies and see that they each have good and bad qualities just as you and I do.
Here is to A NEW DAY AND A NEW WAY where although I shall continue to support Drita I will become neutral and supportive of all the cast members.
I endeavour to be the best writer I can be and in doing so I do not want to have to use negativity to accomplish my goals.

I would also like to add that myself and Karen Archer have recently launched a fresh new website aimed at bringing you fresh new interviews with all your favorite cast members. 
We believe in Truth, Respect and Dignity and therefore will do our best to represent all cast members with these incentives in mind.


  1. Michael (Scoleriolite #1)September 17, 2012 at 5:53 PM

    Congrats and all the best .... if you're working with Lady J ... then I know you guys will have "all the bases covered." Yes, it is somewhat "funny" that the lady's each have their fans and some of them (myself included for Christina Scoleri) are very protective of them ... but I guess that's life to an extent and show's the passion they invoke in us....

  2. Congratulations, you and Ladij are the best. You bring the truth and respect. All i have to say CLASSY LADIES.

  3. hi my dear ,i am happy to see the writting is working out for you ,i told you could do it and more because if you do what you love it will be rewarding in many ways. give your self some credit a person must be willing to grow not just by the insparationor nudging of others, you yourself took the first step to personal growth and for that i am very proud of you . you are a good writer keep up the good work .i'll be checking in on ya now and again much luck. you know how to get in touch with me if ya need to .i really did enjoy the occational proof reading .kiss the kiddies for me and forge on <3 D.K.