Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just Me and Season 3!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Drita's been a busy girl and there's no doubt about it!!

As many of you are aware we are currently between season 2 and 3 of Mob wives and it is official that
 Drita Davanzo is on board and has commenced filming!
This news had made many fans around the world extremely happy and more eager than ever before to tune in to their weekly episodes of Mob Wives on VH1.

Despite being extremely eager for our Ladies to return to our TV screens I personally don't mind the off season of Mob Wives as it gives the ladies a chance to shine as Strong, Independent and Individual woman rather than The Mob Tied woman we have grown to know and love.

During the off season of Mob Wives Drita has worked on multiple projects and recently had the chance to launch the Lip Line for her highly demanded and fast growing cosmetic line "Just Me"
The concept behind this product is based on Drita's personal experience and knowledge from working 7 years behind the counter of a high end department store on  "Real" woman and what "They" want. 
It is in my opinion that this concept and understanding will be a major turning point in Drita's career. 

"A lot of makeup artist launch lines but they never were behind the scenes with everyday Mom's and Woman to see what they want. I got to listen for 7 years on what woman wanted! 
It's for Strong Independent woman which is why I named it JUST ME! It's about loving you and yourself" Drita

Earlier today Drita announced and shared what I found to be a very touching, deep and sincere blog on her official website entitled "SINGLE BUT NOT ALONE" which is a new foundation in which Drita has established to assist single parents with their everyday struggle's to reduce stress within the community.
Drita speaks of her very real and painful struggle of being a single mom and explains that despite being lucky enough to have the support of her mother that not every has support.
 The company MHP is one of Drita's major supportors and will be donating to the charity for every 8 hour alert they sell. This product can be purchased from Ritaid or online and there is nothing better than buying a product you know is donating.
Will be sure to keep you all posted as news on "Single but not alone" is released.
Congrats Drita and this is a great thing you are doing!

Go to http://www.drita.com/category/news/ to read more on Single but not alone and also to check out and purchase all your fave Drita gear.
Latest release an Iphone case which is available for purchase now!

In a recent televised interview on "The Couch" Drita has given us a minor insight as to what to expect from MobWives 2013 and from what I understand season 3 sounds to be the best season yet!

Drita speaks of Lee and mentions that they are on good terms and he will be home in less than 6 months which will be the highlight of Mob Wives for me because I think seeing him reunite with his girls will be incredible yet very emotional for Drita.

She plans to go visit him soon but is concerned that perhaps she will feel more than she wants to feel which leaves her feeling confused and vulnerable while she openly admits that despite the divorce she still loves him and cares for him.
Tough call and something I'm sure we will see play out in 2013!
                                                                                                                                                                          I was pleased to hear that Drita and Karen have honoured their truce and have remained civil and at peace with one another during the off season however I am not so certain this is the case with Ramona Rizzo.

Drita describes "Season 3 is like World War III"  and with rumours of new cast members joining the group I can only imagine whats in store.

Check out her interview below!

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  1. Drita I am ur BIGGEST FAN !!! I have bought all of ur line of clothes and I'll be getn the Just Me cosmetics ! U ARE ABOSLUTLEY THE BEST STAR, U ARE AMAZING ! I LOVE YOU SOO VERY MUCH ! I SAW U IN FAYETVILLE NC and I was at the first person at the stage and u saw me cryn cause I couldnt believe I was actually seeing in concert for real and u beant bdown and hugged me ! U totaly made my life complete ! I am a single mom as well and I love ur charity u have started and if u would like 2 start one up in Columbus County were I live, there are alot of sinle moms here and I would love 2 help u in any way possible ! I know Im dreamn cause ur probably 2 busy to ever contact me but I can dream cant I !!!Im sooooo very hysterical u are doing season 3 and it felt good that u said u would only do it for ur fans and u did !!! ok Drita LOVE U BUCNCHES !!!!
    Candy Lee