Saturday, January 28, 2012


I have been a fan of Drita D'avanzo on facebook for many months now and even taught myself how to use Twitter which almost frustrated me to the point of wanting to "take a wrench" to my computer but that is a story I will bring to you another time.

Today I have decided to write about THE FANS and the relationship Drita has with her following!

Lets start with numbers; Social networking sites.

These numbers are incredible however what is even more astonishing is the amount of fans Drita actually interacts with! 

Despite wanting to be wonder woman as a child
Somebody needs to give her a vest with an "S" on it's chest because she is a 

 <<<<<<<DRITA'S FACE 

Drita seems to be on a high speed journey to success and it looks like she plans to take her fans every step of the way with her.
She has said it many times before but "she loves her fans" and her behaviour towards them is a clear indicator of just how much each individual fan means to her.

"This adorable lady came to the club to see me...can't speak in a wheelchair....I loveeeddddd her!!! Gangsta...truly made me happy:)"-DRITA D'AVANZO

Not only has Drita herself established positive relationship's all around the world with her fans but they have also come together and been able to establish wonderful friendships among themselves with one "Mutual friend" in common......Drita D'avanzo!
I personally have met some amazing people from Drita's social networking pages!

Over the many months I have been a fan I have seen Drita bring nothing but happiness to those she interacts with. 
It seems that she is just as devoted to her fan base are they are to her.

I do not personally know Drita but from the interactions I have had with her via social networking she seems to be nothing but real and genuine, what you see is what you get! 
I think without even realizing this, Drita makes each and every one of her fans feel like 'they count" and to receive a smile,wink or comment back makes people happy!

Sometimes, it's easy for us as fans to forget that at the end of each day these ladies are just normal people like you and I.
I often say "Mob wives is her OCCUPATION, but who she is"

Drita is one of a kind!


Drita has since been verified 

Drita has always been honest and open about her struggles and  has worked just as hard as anyone reading this blog to provide for her children. Her pains and stresses are the same as ours which makes it easier for us to see her as "real" and relate to her on more of a personal level.
You may or may not know but thousands of people respond to Drita because through watching her they have found strength within themselves, strength to stand up to people that bully them, strength to stand up for for what they believe in and who they are. She gives them hope and makes them feel like they should always be who they are. 
Drita even makes the bully's think twice! 
People all over the globe have fallen in love with Drita's "can do" attitude, she has truly captured the hearts of people from all kinds of backgrounds and circumstances!

For those of you who have been asking
Drita's Mob blog has requested an interview with Drita in which she has confirmed she will do when she gets the chance. 
As you can imagine, Drita's life has reached an extremely fast moving pace that she was not prepared for so be patient because good things come to those who wait and I promise to deliver you a great interview ;)


  1. Love it Mel, Great job!!!
    Love, Rosemarie

  2. What a beautiful blog entry and, yes, Drita is a beautiful person inside and out!

  3. Absolutely love DRITA and absolutely love you my twin it's about flippen time the real was put on the table enough BS too old but still rockin hahahahha!!!!! Stella in the house where's my girls mauhhh mauhhhhhhhhh bow chicka bow wow this blog is rockin bottom line!!!!